The Webmaster
A small autobiography of the webmaster.
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This website is a continual work in progress. It began in 1996 because I wanted a website devoted to my grandfather's division, the 70th Infantry Division, on the web. At the time there was nothing available.

On the left: Your webmaster with the family! From left to right: Sarah, Brian, Lisa, Steve, and Deanna.

While trying to find out what Kelly Dixon, C/270, did during World War II with the division, I found the lack of information on the web about the division disappointing. So I vowed from the start to build a site where others wouldn't have that problem.

With the permission of the 70th Infantry Division Association, I started the site in 1996 and haven't let up since. What you see now is the result of that work. It would not have been possible without the co-operation of the Trailblazers themselves.

My name is Steven Kelly Dixon. People usually call me Steve. I am a veteran of the Marine Corps, having served from June 1975 to June 1979. I was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant, having earned two meritorious promotions, a meritorious mast and the Good Conduct Medal. I worked as an aviation electrician on F-4J Phantom II's. Go to VMFA-251 to find out more!

Once I left the Marines, I went to Valdosta State University and three years later I had a degree in Philosophy. While attending VSU I had a part time job with the local TV station and was involved in TV or media production until 2013. Currently I am a contractor for Sim-Tech Manufacturing, building Cabin Training Devices for the airline industry.

I have been married 20+ years. My wife, Lisa, works for Progressive Insurance and is also a VSU graduate. We have two daughters -- Sarah (attending Georgia Tech) and  Deanna (attending Georgia State University), and one son, Brian.

My hobbies are computers (no kidding), reading science fiction and World War 2 history, and playing games -- any kind will do.

So there you have it in a nutshell!