882nd Field Artillery Battalion

The artillery units consisted of the following: the 725th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm), the 882nd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm), the 883rd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm), and the 884th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm). In addition, each of the Infantry Regiments had an attached Anti-Tank Company (AT). The AT Company had nine guns, divided into three platoons of three guns each. There were 10 men per squad which each manned a gun. Each artillery battalion had three batteries. In the Artillery battalions, a battery consisted of four guns. One gun in a battery was designated the "base piece". It would fire the first shot in an engagement and the adjacent three would adjust their aim from readings of the base cannon.

882ndpatch.jpg (25818 bytes)Left: Unofficial insignia of the 882nd Field Artillery Battalion.  The 882nd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) was usually in direct support of the 274th Infantry Regiment.

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