70th Reconnaissance Troop

The units of the 70th Infantry Division Special Troops were activated 15 July 1943 at Camp Adair, Oregon. They trained there for their combat missions for the next 12 months. During that period, the division was tasked to provide replacements for U.S. Army losses in Europe and the Far East. This required new replacements and retraining of some of the Special Troops units. In late July 1944 the division entrained for transfer to Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and resumed training there. The last of the replacements arrived in early October 1944. After the three infantry regiments embarked for Europe during the first week of December, an advance party from the Special Troops units sailed for Europe on 13 December 1944, landing in Marseilles on 23 December,  and moved to the  Task Force Herren operational area in Northeastern France.

The main body of Special Troops sailed for Europe on 8 January 1945, disembarked at Marseilles 18 January 1945 and moved by road and rail to Northeastern France; they joined the division elements already in place and on  17 February 1945, began combat operations as a division.

70th Reconnaissance Troop

The old horse soldiers were the eyes of the generals in older wars. They swept out in reconnaissance, probing far into enemy territory and reporting back. The 70th Recon Troop performed these very same duties for the 70th Infantry Division. Instead of horses, their steeds were jeeps and armored cars. Speed and mobility were the chief weapons although they were armed with carbines and 37mm cannons. Their chief duty was reconnaissance and observation. If at all possible, action with the enemy was avoided. Their first responsibility was to bring back the information vitally needed by the top command.

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