Headquarters, 70th Infantry Division

The following is a brief description of the personnel and sections which comprised the Headquarters.

Division Commander: The general officer in overall command of the 70th Infantry Division.

Assistant Division Commander: The general officer 2nd in command. If the Division commander became incapacitated, the ADC would take over until a new Division Commander was appointed.

Chief of Staff: Responsible for formulating and announcing staff operating policies, and keeping the Division commander informed of all plans.

Liaison Officer and General Staff Section: Liaison officers were representatives of the commanding officer. They worked under the direction of the Chief of Staff.

G1: Personnel Section - responsible for unit strength maintenance, personnel service support, discipline, law and order, civilians and administrative support for other personnel.

G2: Intelligence Section: Responsible for the production and exploitation of intelligence, counter-intelligence and intelligence training.

G3: Operations and Training Section: Responsible for operations, the organization and training of the Division. Maintained current estimate of situation, prepared plans and SOPs.

G4: Supply Section: Responsible for supply, maintenance, transportation and services of the Division.

Engineer Section: Provided engineer advice, information and assistance to the Division commander. He was also the commander of the Divisional engineer combat battalion.

Artillery Section: The Divisional Artillery commander. Assisted the Division commander in all matters concerning artillery. Planned and coordinated the use of all artillery and worked in collaboration with G3.

Signal Section: Advised the Division Commander on technical matters concerning communications. Organized and coordinated the installation and the operations of the communications within the division.

Ordnance Section: Advised the Division Commander on all matters concerning ordnance. Ordnance was the combat weapons of all kinds and the ammunition and equipment used by the division.

QM Section: Responsible for the supply of the division and advised the Division commander of all matters concerning logistics.

Chemical Section: Assisted the commander and his staff on all matters concerning operations (offensive and defensive) where chemical matters were involved.

Adj Gen Section: Responsible for strength accounting, replacement operations, promotions and reductions, distribution management, printing services, classified document control, publication management, personnel classification and reclassification, postal services, and morale support of the division.

IG Section: Responsible for the inquiring and reporting on matters about performance of the mission, state of discipline, efficiency and economy by conducting inspections and studies. Answered to Division commander.

Finance Section: Reported to the Division commander on all matters concerning the accumulation and disbursement of funds, both military and civilian.

Judge Adv General Section: Advised all on all matters of law, both military and civil. Supervised the administration of military justice.

Special Service Section: Supervised programs designed to stimulate, develop and maintain physical and mental well being.

Chaplain Section: Advised the Division commander on all matters of religion. Supervised chaplains under him.

Medical Section: Division surgeon advised Division commander on all matters of medical activities and to preserve the combat strength of the Division. Responsible for health services and for preventive and curative actions. The Dental section under the medical section took care of dental matters.