Courage Under Fire
Outstanding Trailblazer Awards

Personal stories of sacrifice, honor and courage

Thanks to Joe Dutra’s granddaughter, Amy and her husband, Jim Dantzler, association members, along with their friends and families, have a special DVD available to them. Titled "Courage Under Fire", this documentary, produced and directed by Jim Dantzler, captures the moving personal WW II experiences of nearly all of the twenty-one 70th Infantry Division veterans who were on the tour. With photos provided by the participants along with WW II shots Jim weaves a moving, emotional story starting with state-side training, the baptism of combat and the difficult struggle as the Blazers liberated Forbach.

Bill Trotter’s modest description of his survival of waking up in a Philippsbourg house, surrounded by Germans, is a classic that should not be missed. And this is only one of Bill’s remarkable experiences. Stan Lambert shares his New Year’s Eve ’45 encounter with the enemy as point man for I/275 as their battalion headed north out of Philippsbourg. Tom Craig reports on the dramatic capture of the Mill in Grossblittersdorf. These and many others will hold your interest during the 90 minute DVD.

As a bonus, the first 100 DVDs include a montage of the 05 European Tour.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this exceptionally fine video documentary, you can order the DVD by contacting Jim Dantzler at: Purchase price is $10, including postage. Anyone who has made the return visit to the old battle grounds will treasure this addition to their collection. Those who have heard or read of the experiences of the Blazers will find this gives them a new and fascinating insight as to what happened some sixty years ago.

Jim Dantzler has many years experience in graphic and internet design, video direction and most recently as Senior User Interface Designer for He and Amy live in the Seattle, WA area.