Reunion Information
Below is information on our upcoming reunions.
Outstanding Trailblazer Awards

Information on reunions will be posted here when when known. Next up will be our 2018 Reunion in Minneapolis, MN. We are targeting a late September date. When info becomes known, as well as registration forms will be posted here. Special: Courage Under Fire, A Documentary of the 2005 European Tour

Past Reunions

2016 Biennial -- Washington DC
2014 Biennial - Fort Wayne, Indiana
2012 Biennial - New Orleans, Louisiana
2010 Biennial - San Antonio, Texas
2008 Biennial - Cincinnati, Ohio
2006 Biennial - St. Louis, Mo.
2004 Biennial - Arlington Heights, Ill.

2015 Western Reunion
2014 Western Reunion
2013 Western Reunion
2010 Western Reunion
2010 Back to France Tour
2008 Western Reunion
2007 Western Reunion
2006 Western Reunion
2005 Western Reunion