Photographs - Page 99

The following photos come from Mark Wade. The photos were obtained from a garage sale and may  have belonged to 1Lt Norman Sims, Hq/70th G-2 but not positive. Soldiers are from the 70th.

Band, appears to be the "Blues Chasers."

US flag, location unknown.

Forest shot. Location not indicated.

Girlfriends. Caption on back of photo says from left to right:Paul holding Heinz, Leary, Bonnie, Pat, Dot, me. Boyfriends for each one - Herb, Navy Air Corps, Ensign; Jack, Seabees. Seaman 1st; Maurice, Coast Guard, Seaman 2nd; Jerry, Marines, not engaged; Don, Navy Air Corps, missing; Norm, Army Infantry, "He's the best."

Unknown group.

Unknown group.

Pile of helmets outside Stalag XIIA, later renamed Allied Ex Pow No. 2, near Limburg, Germany.

Jeep in right foreground is from 274th Infantry Regiment, 2HQ-7. Picture was magnified to get the bumper reading.

Unknown Trailblazer next to Kubelwagen

Three of girls in earlier photo sho off their stuff! Caption on back says, "Someone said we have nice legs! Ha Ha!"

Ruins. Location unknown.

Staff car in front of building. Little Casino, IG Farben Complex, Frankfurt, Germany.

Stalag XIIA, later Allied Ex-POW Camp #2, near Limburg, Germany.

View from unknown castle.

Wine cellar. I am sure it was put to good use!