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Photos from David Littrell, son of George Littrell, 884th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery B and Ernest O. Swigart, Hqs, 2nd Battalion, 274th Infantry Regiment.  Picture sent via his son, Lt. Colonel Jim Swigart, USAF, ret. Troop card sent by Alan Tucker whose dad served with the 770th. Unknown group photo sent in by Randy Roberts. Photos on bottom row sent in by Fred Hernandez, whose dad peter served with the 70th, unit unknown. AT/274 photo from Kevin Sipers of the Netherlands.


George Littrell, left. Others unknown.

George Littrell after transfer to 3rd Infantry Division.

George Littrell

George Littrell

George Littrell after transfer to 3rd Infantry Division

George Littrell

"Xenia Kid" - Jeep of Ernest O. Swigart, Hq/2nd Bn., 274th Infantry Regiment.

Troop assignment card issued to soldiers aboard troopship. Sent in by Alan Tucker.

There is no inscription identifying these Trailblazers. Unit and location is not known. Photo sent in by Randy Roberts.

Pedro "Pete" Hernandez (883rd FA Bn) taken somewhere in Germany, April, 1945. Other Trailblazers unidentified. (Photo: Fred Hernandez)

Pennant taken by Pete Hernandez after Saarbrucken was taken. Pennant is that of German Labor Front. (Photo: Fred Hernandez)

Detail of pennant taken by Pete Hernandez after Saarbrucken was taken. Pennant is that of German Labor Front. (Photo: Fred Hernandez)

Soldiers of AT/274, perhaps taken after hositilities. Names of known individuals listed below! (Photo sent via Kevin Sipers of the Netherlands)

Names of the AT/274 soldiers as written on the back of the photo:

Front Row, left to right:

1: Jamison, Richard E., Tec.4, Star Route, Curwensville, Pennsylvania
2: Stark, Marvin A., S.Sgt, 2612 S. 18th St., St. Joseph, Missouri; 3: Eschenbach, Glenn L., Pfc, Box 102, Kinzua, Pennsylvania; 4: Gullifer, Wilbur D., Pfc, RFD 1, Box 80, Kane, Pennsylvania; 5: Deibler, James R., Pvt, 525 S. 2nd St., Steelton, Pennsylvania' 6: Faircloth, Harold G., Pfc, Box6, Autryville, North Carolina; 7: Daum, Robert E., Pfc, 1729 Maplewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;

Middle Row, left to right:

8: White, Edwin T., Pfc, 3155 Liberty, Fresno, California; 9: Moser, Paul F., Pfc, Vanlue, Ohio; 10: Lazarou, James, Pfc, 18 Arnold Ave., Amsterdam, New York; 11: Unknown; 12: Unknown; 13: Davis, Lowell E., Pfc, 607 Hopkinsville St., Princeton, Kentucky; 14: Griener, Clarence W., Pfc, 40 Washington St., Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; 15: Garman, Charles L., Pvt, 94 Madison St., Dover, New Jersey;
16: Unknown.

Back Row, left to right:

17: Perino, Clayton D., Sgt, Benson, Illinois; 18: Clarke, Thomas H., Pfc, PO Box 285, Saratoga, California; 19: Whedon, Robert M., Pfc, 3117 North Williams Ave., Portland, Oregon; 20: Glanzman, George H., Pfc, 622 West 112th St., Los Angeles, California; 21: Unknown; 22: Harris, Jacob J. Pfc, 202 2nd St., Albany, New York; 23: Duprey, Reynald A. Tec.5, Route 3, Clyde, Kansas; 24: Udovich, William M., Pfc, 828 West Mineral St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 25: Fisher, Jack E., Pfc, 9320 McNerney Ave., South Gate, California; 26: Anglin, James O., Pfc, The Rock, Georgia; 27: Gehring, Edward E., Pfc, Route 3, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.