Photographs - Page 96

Photos from the family of James Smith, M/276. "Smitty" was in the 2nd Section, 1st Platoon, M/276. Names of other soldiers and location of photos not known.

James Smith on right. Location unknown.

James Smith

Possible M/276 machine gunners.

A night out in the town - James Smith on left.

James Smith on left.

James Smith showing a child his machinegun.

Smith on right with buddy - photo taken in 1944.

Smith on left with fellow soldiers.

Smith on right. Other soldier not known.

Smith in center with fellow soldiers.

James C. Smith

Smith with pet deer.

James C Smith

James C. Smith, 1st Platoon, 2nd section, 1st Gunner.

Smith behind machine gun. Other soldier unidentified.

James C Smith, 1944.

Smith posing with M-1.

Newspaper article descibing action in which Smith was awarded Bronze Star.

Smith behind knocked out German gun. Gun is a 75mm PAK 38/97-- a doctored-up "French 75" on the PAK 38 gun carriage. Info on gun from Ed Rudnicki and Mike Yaklich, members of the World War II digest list.