Photographs - Page 91

The following came from Mark Kraabel - whose father-in-law Cpt. Everett Sherman served with HHB/883rd FAB. To view Everett Sherman's complete album, click here.


Lt. Bob Sanders, Gersfeld, Germany, May 1945.

L to R: Major Nelson, Lts Boyd, Flynn and Corley, Gersfeld, Germany, May 1945.

Lt. Jack Huntly, Foward Observer for Sherman, Gersfeld, Germany, May 1945.

Everet Sherman by a ruined German plane (Ju-87), near Gersfeld, Germany.

Capt. Duane Rassmussen, Schluchtern, Germany. Rassmussen was from Miduale, Utah, May 1945.

A load of PWs returning home, Schluchtern, Germany, May 1945.

Lt. Jackson and "Doc" Vandenberg, Schluctern, Germany, May 1945.

Capt. Barney Phelps with German 88mm, May 1945.

Ruined Ju-87, May, 1945.

Major Nelson with captured German Fiesler Storch, May 1945. Fuselage code "DO NA" indicate unit. Trying to track it down.

A few from the battalion, Gersfeld, Germany, 1945. Murph - Jack - Ed - Barney - Dave - Doc - Ed - Hunt - Wallace.

Some of the gang, May 1945, Gersfeld, Germany.

Major Arn and Everett Sherman near Ju 87. Gersfeld, Germany, May 1945.

Receiving awards.

PFC Frock - driver for Everett Sherman - next to a German glider near Gersfeld, Germany.

Battalion Commander and staff.