Photographs - Page 90

The following came from Mark Kraabel - whose father-in-law Cpt. Everett Sherman served with HHB/883rd FAB. To view Everett Sherman's complete album, click here.


Cpt. Everett Sherman sitting near his tent at CP 2 near Marseilles, France. February, 1945.

Cpt. Everett Sherman in Marseilles, Feb. 1945 - CO Btry A, 883rd FAB.

A bridge near Aix, France, Feb. 1945

Cpt. Everett Sherman behind three French kids who were begging for gum, Feb. 1945, near Aix, France.

Saarbrucken, Germany, March 1945.

Lt. Jack Huntley and Cpt. Sherman in Saarbrucken - the first night of its falling, Mar. 1945.

Cpt. Sherman at the Siegfried Line near Saarbrucken - Mar 1945.

Lt. Fourrier, 3rd Bn, 275th Infantry, Regimental S-2 in Saarbrucken, Mar 1945.

Our entry into Saarbucken, Germany the day it fell. On the right are Cpt McFailen and Cpt. Donahue. Unit is identified as 275th Infantry.

Taken from inside a church in Saarbrucken, Germany, Mar 1945.

T5 Shuffield, Cpt. Sherman's driver at the Siegfried Line, Mar 1945.

Saarbrucken, Germany, March 1945.

Butzbach, Germany, April, 1945 - part of old Roman wall.

Butzbach, Germany, April, 1945 - old Roman wall.

Kronberg Castle - near Rihine River. Picture taken from L-4 Cub spotter plane, April 1945.

(L) LTC Ross (S-3 to Divarty) and (R) LTC Vaden, CO 883rd FAB, April, 1945.

From left to Right: Cpt. "Hoot" Gibson, Cpt. Everett Sherman and Cpt. Duane Rassmussen in Germany. Soldier on far right is unidentified - Germany, April, 1945.