Photographs - Page 9

Inscriptions on the backs of photographs taken by Harold C. Christensen who was a Tech/Sgt in Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 275th Infantry Regiment. Photographs provided by his son, Paul E. Christensen. Information contained in brackets in the inscriptions are added by editor to provide further explanation.


PFC Handa and Thorson in the Castle ruins at Valkenburg, Holland. Handa is a very popular cook in our kitchen even tho he is Japanese.

Three waitresses who served us in Valkenburg with PFC Lewis – N. J. in the rear. PFC Rose – Philadelphia now in H. Company

Sgt Dudek

Capt Ewing – left. Left to right – Dudek, Miller and Adams of my section. Tech/Sgt Stemple, regt’l radio chief from W. Va. Very good friend of mine

Me (refers to Christensen) in Niederand, suburb of Frankfurt Germany.

PFC Kelly with two of our waitresses in 9th Army rest camp Valkenburg, Holland

Ok Ok here’s evidence against me (refers to Christensen). Two waitresses who served us in the dining room of the hotel in Valkenburg.

S/sgt Walter Day of North Carolina. Our commo chief and a very good friend of mine. Taken in Frankfurt.

Lt Ralph J. Durenberger of Mankato, Minn. Our commo officer.

This picture was taken by Cpl Hando and the photo given to me. (Christensen on the left).

One of my friends here. Mike Limcheck of Pittsburgh and a sample of the taxi cabs in Nice.

Sgt Hiob of St. Louis. Les and I (refers to Christensen) roomed together over the 4 of July 45. Les is in front of our rooming house.

Sgt McCarthy and the First Sgt of G Company. 4 July 45. Frankfurt, Germany

All friends of mine (refers to Christensen). Left to right – Cpl Ed Grother of Oklahoma – switchboard operator, Sgt Paul McMahon of Boston, Mass – message center chief, Sgt Merrill Miller of St. Louis – radio operator, Sgt Frank Dudek of Elizabeth, NJ – radio operator. Miller and Dudek are in my section.

All friends of mine (refers to Christensen). Left to right – Cpl Ed PFC Thorson and Kelly on one of the streets in Valkenburg, Holland.

No inscription

No inscription

The chapel of Heidelberg Castle – benches have been removed. Left to right: Kelly – Minnesota, Schooley – Texas, Ferber - , Becker - , Chris(refers to Christensen) - Michigan, Badalato – NY, O’Connor – Florida.

Sgt Pryzbysz of Buffalo – rear is front wall of left wing of castle. Built in 1300 – all that remains of this wing is front wall as shown.

Me (refers to Christensen) in front of center and main part of castle taken in court yard.

Two of our horses and two friends of mine (refers to Christensen).

One of my men, Miller from St. Louis. The box car is a 36 and 8. There were no 40 and 8’s near.

One of the launches that takes the visiting troops on a 2 hour cruise on the Med sea.

of the swimming pool space in Valkenburg, Holland. Another pool exactly like this is on the other side of the dressing rooms on the right.