Photographs - Page 87

The following came from Patricia Haury of France -- I know all the places where the combats took places in Baerenthal and the region in 1945 because my father was born in Baerenthal. Often I visit the place, near Reipertswiller where the 1st 157th RIUS was encircled by the SS. My father saw all the dead American soldiers there. An army soldier, Arnold Hawvermale fell into an ambush near SCHWARZENBERG, and my father found him against a tree. This tree is more then 100 years old and is still there. My father always has that image imprinted in his mind, all those young Americans that died for the liberation of France. Thank You."


Relics from the region.

Dogtag belonging to Hawvermale.

More relics.

The parents of Patricia Haury. Mr. Haury found Arnold Hawvermale after he had been killed near Schwarzenberg.