Photographs - Page 84

Photos from Jennifer Geist, whose dad Kenneth Worlund served with K/274.


Ken Worlund drinking a bottle of wine, Idstein, Germany - July 1945.

Idstein i. Ts. Schloss in a pre-1943 photo. After 1943, the building had a Red Cross painted on the roof. Thanks to Frank Weimar of Germany for the information.

Idstein, Germany (May - July 1945)

Idstein i. Tauns "Am Lowenbrunnen" - May - July 1945 K/274.

Idstein, Germany "Deutches Haus" (May - July 1945)

CCPWE 15, Attichy, France, April 1946 Leslea "Czech" Zeanchek

CCPWE #15, Attichy, France. March, 1946

CCPWE #15 Attichy, France - April, 1946. L to R: Worlund, Czech, McCall and Szamareta.

Ken Worlund, Rheims, France, Fall of 45

Ken Worlund - CCPWE #15 Attichy, France. April 1946.