Photographs - Page 83

Photos from Sue (Miller) Wisneski, whose father -- served with C/276. Photos from the collection of Richard Holland, F/274 sent to me from Randy Roberts.


Unknown soldier

Sign erected near Forbach

Unidentified soldiers

William Donald Miller on the left.

Miller in the center and a Fanny Jost named in picture.

Miller on the left

Unidientified soldier

Unidentified building

William Donald Miller at Fort Leonard Wood.

William Donald Miller, picture may have been taken during basic.

Lt. Shelby Trappey

Newspaper clipping of Miller commendation.

Commendation by BG Herren to William Donald Miller for actions near Obermuhlthal.

Caption says Dudweiler, Germany, 1945. Soldiers not identified. Soldiers in center appear to be holding .30 machine guns. (Holland collection)

Soldiers and location unidentified. (Holland collection)

Soldier and location unidentified. Soldier appears to be holding a BAR. (Holland collection)

Richard Holland, F/274. Location of photo not known. (Holland collection)

Fox Co. CP, Oestrich, Germany, June, 1945. (Holland collection)