Photographs - Page 82

Photos from Bob Hall, A/274 and Cathe Moore whose dad Howard Will served with 70th at Adair and was then transferred to 25th Division and served in the Pacific.


Front of pass signed by Col. Conley for Bob Hall.

Back of pass

Reveille formation of A/274 in a German village near Wiesbaden. The picture was taken by Nathan Lee just as 1st Sgt Pat Berry (lost in tear in photo) was announcing that President Roosevelt passed away the day before. The formation had no officers (late night party) so each platoon was fronted by the platoon Sgt. In the froont was myself (Bob Hall) withthe Headquarters section, Durgen with 1st platoon, then the second, third, and in the distance - weapons platoon.

PFC Orlow Helm, Company runner.

PFC Nathan Lee, Company runner. Formerly a Staff Sgt in the Quartermasters Corp before retreading to infantry.

PFC David Black, company runner. One time head of C-82 prgram at Fairchild - got drafted by mistake - in the Army for only a few months (and combat for a couple of months) before Fairchild got him out to return to his job, after war in Europe was over.

1st Lt. Richard Beyers, A/274 executive officer and sometimes acting Company Commander. My (bob Hall) platoon leader while at Ft. Leonard Wood, later my officer when headquarters section was directed by executive officer. Finets officer I ever served under.

This picture was taken the day after we left Saarbrucken and were billeted in apartments in Karlslautern. We had our first baths in 3 months, 1st Sgt. Pat Berry and myself took photos of each other in civilization -- with an easy chair, radio and a glasss of wine just out of the photo. Accodring to scale in bathroom, Pat was 98 pounds and I was 96. Pat was really too old for the infantry - he was 38 when the picture ws taken.

First Sgt. Pat Berry.

1Lt. Ralph Hollstein, 3rd platoon leader.

Bob Hall with our mascot "Able". Able died a couple of days later.

Mumm House in Joannisberg, where my section lived when we left Wiesbaden/Sheirstein. Swimming pool, bowling alley, private rooms, electricity, and about 10 acres of lawn.

Enlisted men's pass area, ski resort in hills northeast of Frankfurt.

Our billets at ski lodge, renovated flare factory, 17 Jan, 1946.

Neiderreiffenberg and edge of Oberreiffenberg taken while walking to chow - ski lodge, 17 Jan. 1946

Liege Belgium, June 20, 1945. from l to r: Leo B. Miller, unidentified and David Black.

PFC Roy Bolinger from Tennessee, A/274.

PFC Arthur A. Miller, A/274, from Harrisburg, Penn.

David Black at Weilburg, Germany. 12 Aug. 1945

Pfc Amos Frenz and Sgt Hall, A/274. Shierstein, Germany.

Battle of the Pig, Mombach, Germany. For which Sgt. Hall, Pfc Bolinger and Pfc Kowslowski received swine citations for services above and beyond the call of duty.

Howard Wills, Trailblazer 43-44, wears the Trailblazer patch, but was sent to Fort Mason, San Francisco, placed on USAT Cape Meares, which went to New Caledonia as replacement troops for the 25th Army Division that fought on Luzon in 45. Photo from Wills' daughter Cathe Moore.