Photographs - Page 81

Photos from Horace Meyers of C/882 soldiers.


Jun 45 - Foust, 2 Polish Kp's and Alvin Morkert, - Motor Sgt.

Andy Davenport and Harold Mills

Lt. Peck standing on wing of German plane at Dornigheim.

Muzzy and Lt. Peck on German equipment dump in Dornigheim, Germany.

Jess Sweet on guard on bridge at Hanau.

Mess kit, laundry in courtyard of Adler Hotel -Romsberg and Vestal at Langenseebold, Germany.

Mills and Red Turner at Langenseebold.

Davenport in Langenseebold.

July 45 -- Dhien and Mills at Hanau along the Main River.

Mills and Lawyer, Scluctern, Germany.

Peczeli, Turner and Baker. Fifth of scoth donated by Lt. Peck.

Davenport, Lt. Peck and Harold Mills the day Peck left the 70th.

Davenport climbing on truck.

Davenport getting sun in Langenseebold.

Mills and Jaquith at winery in Hanau.

Langenseebold the day Mills left for 142nd FA Group.

General Mark Clark's car.

General Mark Clark and Russian general at Berchtesgaden.

General Mark Clark reviweing troops.

General Mark Clark's car - man in native dress in foreground.

Lawyer and Harris and unknown.

Some of our gang in front of the messhall in Schluctern.

Baker Ruble, Shade and Bowden.

Lawyer at entrance of Chiemsee.

Mills and Lawyer at Koeningsee


Lawyer and Rybar at Hitler's Eagle Nest

Lawyer and Mills

German with our mail clerk Godfrey.

Table in Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Writing names on table top.