Photographs - Page 80

Photos from Horace Meyers of C/882 soldiers and a company photo of AT/274 sent by Lance Remick.


August 44 - Big Piney River, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. L to R: Davenport, Foss, Downing, Boden, Drake, Lt. Peck.

L to R: Shae, McKee, Metcalf, Baker, Mills

L to R: Standing - Baker, McKee, Mills, Boden, Eubanks. L to R: kneeling - Sgt. Jacquith, Peczeli, Pyle.

L to R: Mills, Davenport, Holmes

Mills and Davenport

Holmes and Nielson

L to R: Peczeli, Davenport and Holmes

L to R: Mills, Davenport and Holmes

L to R: Peczeli, Davenport, and Holmes

L to R: Metcalf, Davenport, Mckee

Standing L to R: Metcalf, McKee, Jacquith. Sitting is Baker.

L to R: Metcalf, McKee and Mills

Sept. 44 - Ft. Leonard Wood, L to R: Andrew F Davenport, Louis Peczeli, Robert E Riley, Robert L Baker, Harold Mills in battle dress.

L t R: Andy Davenport, Harold Mills, Louis Peczeli, and Bob Baker in front.

Davenport and Mills

Elmer Pyle, Louis Peczeli, Andy Davenport, Harold Mills

Feb 45: L to R: Red, Andy, Mills, and unknown at rest camp.

Mar. 45 - Harold Mills

Outside Forbach, France.

May 45 - Harold Mills on guard duty on box car.

Baker and Red Turner. Weapons look to be German MP 44s.

Langenseebold, L to R: Mills and Elmer Pyle.

Oberschmitten, Germany - Davenport.

L to R: Mills, Peczeli, Turner, Davenport, Baker after noon chow, Schotten, Germany.

En route to Schotten. Davenport cleaning windshield and Peczeli and Lt. Peck in jeep.

Company photo of AT/274 courtesy of Lance Remick.