Photographs - Page 76

Photos from Scott Robinson, whose grandfather - Virgil Story - served with Medics/276 as an aid man (1) and Fred Sabatine, whose dad - William Sabatine - served with M/276 (2-13). Felix Recek -- C/270 -- and wife Marjorie.

1. Virgil Story, Medics/276, after transfer to 78th Infantry Division after the war.

2. Waiting in line to board troop ship home.

3. Wreckage of German Bf-109. Location of photo unknown.

4. William Sabatine posing for a shot behind his Browning .30 water cooled machine gun.

5. GIs and location unknown.

6. View of main railroad station in Frankfurt from enclosure of the transient motor pool.

7. William Sabatine standing on what may be a Soviet 85mm M1939 AA gun. The Germans used these captured guns extensively.

8. GIs and location unknown.

9. Arsenal of captured German AA guns. These guns are Soviet 37mm M1939a AA guns, captured on the Eastern Front and used by the Germans.

10. Caption says: 30th Hotel and Grill sign, it reads "at Kassel Germany, 30th Inf, 3rd Division Transient Billets, a place to eat down in the cellar at the opening -- still aft of Barnhoft.

11. Location and GIs unknown.

12. Intersection near American Red Cross in Frankfurt.

13. M/276 machine gun squard. The writing on the back of the photo says. "Site over looking the Rhine River, Mar '45." William Sabatine is 5th from the left sitting on the fence and George (Micky) Grennan is to his left (6th from the left). Medic Vigil Story.

Felix Recek and his wife Marjorie. Felix served with C/270.