Photographs - Page 74

Photo of Bill Trotter, B/275 (1), Warren Hurst, F/275 (2 - 8) and Ivan Taylor, L/274 (9-10).


1. Bill Trotter, B/275. Bill noted he was cleaned up a bit so he thought his unit had been pulled out of the line for a brief rest. Location of photo not known.

2. Cemetery near Hademar, Germany.

3. Burned out German vehicle on rail tracks. Hademar, Germany.

4. Warren Hurst, F/275.

5. Group of Gis in Hurst's unit prior to transfer to 70th.

6. Warren Hurst on motorcycle.

7. Resting after being pulled out of action.

8. Group of GIs during training. Location of photo is not known.

9. Unknown location in Germany.

10. Unknown Trailblazer.