Photographs - Page 73

These photos were found while doing an inventory of boxes I carried back with me from the reunion in Erlanger, Kentucky. I believe they may have been sent to one of our Association's past presidents from France. The photos with the Germans are propaganda shots made in 1940 after the fall of Forbach.


274th Band. Location and date not known.

German soldiers by the side of the road National Highway at Guise barracks enter Forbach coming from Metz.

German soldiers marching near Market Place on National Street.

National Street at Forbach.

Combat for the liberation of Forbach.

German soldier on front of depot at Forbach train station.

German soldiers on their way to Forbach festive hall.


Stalag Neue Bremme in Stiring- Wendel - liberated by 2nd Bn of the 274th.