Photographs - Page 72

Photos (1 - 4) from Valerie Garner, whose dad Leon Uczynski served with A/276. Leon passed away in 1972. Photos (5-8) are from Melissa Marrs May, whose dad Glenn Marrs served with G/276. Herman passed away July 22, 2008. Herman also received a commendation from Brigadier General Herren. To read it go here! Photos 9 - 13 are from Christopher Eiland, whose great uncle Lewis Eiland served with I/276 and was KIA 15 Jan 1945.


Location unknown and patch is hard to read on shoulder, Leon Uczynski is standing, 2nd from right.

Location and unit unknown, Leon is kneeling in the front row, 2nd from right.

SSGT Leon Uczynski, A/276.

Western Union telegram to family indicating Leon had been wounded. An account of the action is in Frank Lowry's A/276 history.

G/276 photo taken at Camp Adair.

A partial listing of names - Glenn Marrs is in second row in the front, 2nd from left.

Glenn Marrs.

Glenn Marrs.

Lewis Eiland, I/276 - KIA Jan 15, 1945.


Location of picture is not known - Eiland is circled. No other soldiers are identified.

Unknown unit prior to transfer to 70th. Patch on several of the soldiers is hard to determine. Eiland is circled.

Newspaper clipping announcing Eiland's death.