Photographs - Page 69

Photos are from William Campbell, whose dad Lawrence Campbell (C/275) was killed in action. Bill writes:
My father's remains were returned to Maine and he is buried at Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, Maine. I was just under three at the time of his death and probably a couple of years older when he was buried at Calvary Cemetery. I do have memories of the grave side service; mainly the rifle salute and of my mother crying loudly.
The Honor Roll was erected on the Staples School playing field and dedicated to my father.. The building in the background is the school. At one time it had grades kindergarten through sixth grade The Honor Roll is long gone, the field is a parking lot, but the school remains as a converted professional office building officially known as the Staples School Building. My mother, my uncles and aunts as well as me all attended the school which is located about a hundred yards from our house at the time, also long gone. As you can see from the names on the honor roll, it was a very Irish neighborhood!
The "City Hall Dedication " photo shows my sister Maureen, and me dedicating the bronze plaque honoring the war dead from the City of Portland. I believe the date was probably in circa 1949, Maureen was not born until after our father's death.
The final picture is of course my father's death notice which appeared in the Portland newspaper.
My father was known to all by his nickname "Buddy".

Staples Roll of Honor

City Hall Dedication

Bronze plaque as it stands today.

Death notice for Lawrence Campbell.