Photographs - Page 67

Picture No. 1 is from Matt Crook, whose grandfather - Julius Burson - served with B/275. Nos. 2 - 12 are from Harold Hermes, son of Anthony Hermes, F/274. Pictures 13 - 20 are from Joan Holden whose father John Holden served with the 70th, unit unknown. If anyone can identify anyone in the pictures please email me. Pictures 21 - 24 are from Buddy Franklin, whose grandfather Owen served with Hqs/1st/Bn/275th. No notations with photos - all believed to be taken in Europe.

1. Julius A. "Dink" Burson -- B/275. Joined the 70th at Leonard Wood. Captured at Phillipsbourg on January 8, 1945 with rest of B. Imprisoned at Bad Orb until liberated.

2. Blown out bridge - location unknown.

3. Anthony Hermes - Camp Chicagp, Dec. 1945.

4. Souvenir from the capture of Saarbrucken.

5. Crossing the Saar

6. "Our dugout overlooking the Saar".

7. FDR Memorial Bridge.

8. Sgt. Anthony Hermes, F/274 - captions says Ruined dock on Rhine. Granary in background 500 years old. No date or specific location.

9. Anthony Hermes at the Saar River.

10. Mainz, May 1945.

11. Anthony Hermes - caption says "our winery" date and location unknown.

12. Same winery with friends.

13. Aerial view of Wingen take in Feb 1945. Thanks to Chas Argent for sending this in.

14. From left to right: Shannon, Knopatrick, Saum, Symington and Juliuson. Army Air Corps pacth is visible. Joan did say several of the pictures were taken near Missoula, Mt. Her dad could have been a transfer. Photo: Joan Holden.

15. From left to right: Peterson, Schultz, Arney, Krumer, Love and Mandel. Photo: Joan Holden.

16. Men and location unknown. Possibly Missoula, MT. Photo: Joan Holden.

17. Location unknown. Photo: Joan Holden.

18. Names and location unknown. Photo: Joan Holden.

19. Location unknown. Photo: Joan Holden.

20. Location unknown. Photo: Joan Holden.

21. Unknown Trailblazer next to sign - 275th stockade. Photo: Buddy Franklin.

22. Unknown and Wayne Haan. Haan was awarded the Silver Star. Photo: Buddy Franklin.

23. Location unknown. Photo: Buddy Franklin.

24. Owen Franklin, Hqs/1BN/275th Infantry. Photo: Buddy Franklin.

25. Letter of Thanks from White House