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The following pictures came from Walt Edens, who served with 884th FAB and later Divarty Hq. Walt retired as a Colonel, Regular Army, Field Artillery. Edens passed away in 2012.


Living in pup tents at Delta Base near Aux au Provence for two weeks awaiting equipment.

Arno Denecke (standing) and Bob Miller, the driver, of a liberated 3-wheeled car. Denecke was Asst. S-3 and Miller a Liason Officer.

Brigadier General Peter Rodes, Divarty CG.

Lt. Colonel Hunt Vaden, CO - 883rd FAB.

Lt. Col. John S. Zimmerman, CO 884th FAB on left and Lt. Col. Ted Mataxis, CO 2nd BN/276, on right.

Lt. Colonel Norman Anderson, CO 725th FAB.

Picture taken by Zimmerman. Major Ellis, Rt. front; Walt Edens, Lt. rear, with 5 Battery COs. Front: Walter Hoddinott (Bty A); John Godbold (Hq Bty); Doug Johnson (Bty C); and in rear Pete Zager (Bty B) and Bill Sikorski (Svc Bty).

Mess line of Hq Bty in a barn in Gaubivingen, France. Note Manure pile and band in truck.

Displaced French people making the trek back home.

The 'mighty' Saar River -- note bridge erected by 289th Engineers.

Colonel Al Morgan, CO, 276th Infantry Regiment

Officers of the 884th FAB after Edens' departure to Divarty.

Same as last picture - see below for ID of GIs.

Officers Center in Jun 1945 atthe caserne at Gelenhausen. From L to R: Hq - John Godbold, A - Walter Hoddenott, B-Pete Zager, C-Doug Johnson, Sv Bill Sikorski.

Walt Edens in Bad Orb - June 1945.

Major James Walters, Ex -725th FAB at Bad Orb, June 1945.

The castle on small mountain overlooking Forbach. It took a real beating.

Lt. Col. Elmer Arnbrecht (center, 882nd) with Dr. Le Bono and Edens.

Soldiers in photograph above - > 884th History

Walt Edens notes: I was not present when the picture was taken since I had been reassigned to Diviarty Hq about three weeks before. Major Will Gipple had been in Divarty and was sent to the battalion to take my place. I spent from May 1943 to April 1945, with the exception of about six months when I was commanding the 883rd or was at school, bringing the 884th from activation to the end of combat. In the paper back history that the battalion published in the summer of 1945 it shows me in the roster as the Bn Ex.

#1    1st Lt William J. Steinman 
#2    Capt. George L. Wickersham
#3    Capt. Roy G. Zittleman
#4    Lt. Jo Bailey Howard
#5    Capt. Walter J. Hoddinott
#6    Lt. Col. John S. Zimmerman
#7    Lt Henry J. Kwiatkowski
#8    Major William G. Ellis, Jr
#9    Lt. Robert M. Mummey
*#10   Major Will Gipple
#11   Lt. William C. Stender
#12   Lt Johnson
#13   1st Lt. Melburn S. Solsberg
#14   Capt. John C. Godbold
#15    1st Lt Stuart M. Brown
#16    Lt. Robert L. Armstrong
#17    Capt. Peter G. Zagar
#18    Capt. Douglas M. Johnson
#19     Lt. Fielding L. Geaves
#20    Lt. Howard W. Kummero
#21    Lt. Lawrence J. Murphy
#22    Capt. William Sikorski

*Major Gipple replaced Major Walter A. Edens in April 1945 when Edens was reassigned to Divarty Hq. Other officers assigned to the battalion but not present for the photo:

Capt. Umbart Melaragno, Medical Corps
Capt. Woosley Carmalt             
Capt. Arno H. Denecke
Capt. Robert H. Miller
1st Lt. Harold. K. Snyder
1st Lt. Leo S. Abranson
1st Lt. Don C. Boyd
Lt. Marcellus McLaughlin
Lt Joseph Fontilla
Lt Troy B. Hammons
Lt. Archie S. Flynn
W.O. Stuart P. Cornwell
W.O. Glenn R. Lindsey

1st Lt Paul W. Connell was wounded twice in three days, his second wound being so severe that he was evacuated to the US and spent many months in the hospital, later retiring with disability due to the wounds. He rendered superb service, was awarded the Silver Star and was promoted to Captain before he retired.