Photographs - Page 60

Pictures from Jennifer David (1 - 4), whose father John Safford commanded the weapons platoon of B/274. The pictures came to her via the late Les Edwards. Les is on the bottom left in the 2nd and 3rd photo. Pictures 5 - 7 from Brian Lynn, whose grandfather, George Lynn, served with Sv/275. Photos 8 - 10 are from the Trailblazer magazine - Spring Summer, 1989. Photo 8 is credited to Joseph Priest, photo 9 credited to Carlton Hampton.


1. Allan Duesman, Aug 8, 1944 at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

2. Camp Adair, 1944. Les Edwards sitting at bottom center. Other soldiers are unidentified.

2. Camp Adair, 1944. Les Edwards sitting at bottom left. Other soldiers are unidentified.

4. Camp Adair, 1944. Soldiers are unidentified.

5. George Lynn with "Max" prior to heading back to states. Said with the caption..."now with my Company Commander."

6. George Lynn in jeep.

7. George Lynn with "Max."

8. G/274 in Rüdesheim, Germany. Transfer to other divisions came soon after.

9. MG crew from 2nd Platoon, D/274 Sonneberg, Germany after VE Day. Standing (l to r) - Clifford Diles and Carlton Hampton. Kneeling (l to r): Donald A'Avico, John O'Leary, Herbert Thorpe, Alfred Carpintetti.

10. Unknown Trailblazer scanning area.