Photographs - Page 6

Pictures sent to me via email by Tex Texin, whose dad, Aaron Texin, served with C/270. Of particular interest to engineers are the bridge shots.


Road fill in an AT ditch, C Co. area, Q40526375 13 May 1945. Photo: Texin.

Tex, Roy, Gugy Limburg Germany May 1 1945. Photo: Texin.

Caption says it all - date and time unknown. Based on other photos it looks to be near Hattenheim, April 45. Photo: Texin.

Capt Siegrist, l, and Lt. Shapiro, r, of C/270 after transfer to 3rd Infantry Div. Capt. Siegrist was CO of C/270. Photo: Texin.

Aaron Texin is the one sitting down next to the uniformed man. He wrote on the back of this foto: The one standing next to me is a Jewish pal of mine from the Bronx. He worked with Hy Berger at the Navy Yard. (Aaron is also Jewish.) Don't know if this is Adair or Leonard Wood. Photo: Texin.

Suspension Bridge at Diez. B Co. 24 May, 1945. Photo: Texin.

Mac on right and Aaron t\Texin on left. Date and location unknown. Photo: Texin.

Near Hattenheim, Germany. Rhine river in background, June 1945. Aaron "Tex" Texin is standing on the left. Others unknown. Photo: Texin.

Working on the Lahn river bridge. 270th ECB training excerise after hostilities. Photo: Texin.

Lt. Bect (maybe Best?) & Lt. Pearson Co. planning our next move on bivouac. Date and location of picture unknown. Photo: Texin

After transfer to 3rd ID., Theater in Homberg. Photo: Texin.

VP Wallace on war bond drive. Date and location unknown. Photo: Texin.

VP Wallace on war bond drive, wide of venue. Date and location unknown. Photo: Texin.

Homberg, Germany - Feb 1946. Photo: Texin.

SS Women waiting to be discharged, July 1945. Photo: Texin.

Signatures of C/270th personnel dated Nov 1943. They appeared on the backside of a photo taken at Camp Adair.

Bridge built by engineers of B/270, 12 Feb 1945 - Q489570

Sidewalk cafe in France. The film Thomas Edison is playing at the theater.

German fortifications at Le Harve, France.

A soldier name Johnny and his pinups.