Photographs - Page 59

Pictures from the family of Joseph W. "Wayne" Pauling (deceased), who served with the 70th Reconnaissance Troop. His grandson, Wayne Edwards, sent the pictures. Joe appears to have been a member in the late 70s early 80s.

Bow shot of SS Trailblazer.

Shot of ship with scaffolding.

Christening of SS Trailblazer.

Joe Pauling with M8 - Wide open spaces and lack of trees could be Oregon.

Pauling with soldiers around M8 - Camp Adair?

Unknown Trailblazer on M8.

Unknown Trailblazers on M8.

Unknown Trailblazers on M8.

Group shot - Pauling is second from right. Others unknown, location unknown.

Joe Pauling with mortar rounds - perhaps on maneuvers/training?

Trailblazer and location unknown.

Pauling on Oregon coast.