Photographs - Page 57

Pictures from the family of Robert Thorne (deceased) who served as Asst G-3 for the Trailblazers. He also served as Air Operations officer, coordinating air strikes. Read his diary posted here.

Rubble and signal lines at St. Jean Rohrbach. An unsual "shot" of war found in many areas. Feb. 1945.

The CP in the castle at Oranienburg near Diez, Germany.

Sgt. Fordyce Waldo, my air operations section Sgt. at the CP at St. Jean Rohrbach. Feb 1945.

Robert Thorne somewhere in Germany.

Thorne on leave in Paris.

At a famous sidewalk cafe near Place de l'opera. Fred Giles and myself (Robert Thorne). May 1945.

At the CP in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sgt. Orville E. Quinn of Raymond, S. Dakota in a park at Merlebach, France.

Overlooking the Rhine from a hill top near Gosenheim, April 16 1945.

On the wine terrace, Bad Kreuznach. April 9, 1945.

Capt. Ed Mitchell and myself at CP of 1st Bn, 274th Inf 26 Apr 1945.

Myself standing near a castle at Braunfels, Germany. June 1945.

Inspecting a P-38. Thorne (x), McQueen, a pilot, Martin, Stewart. 29 Sept 44.

In the classroom at Will Rogers. 1st row: Poulter, Perkins, Ogle, Tinkall. 2nd Row: Evans, Stewart, Thorne. 3rd Row: Martin, Gardiner.

At Will Rogers Field inspecting a P-38. L to R: McHale, Poulterer, Stewart, McQueen, Perkins, Thorne, Evans, Glenn, Pvt Orth, Ogle, Gardiner, Martin.

Thonre with staff car - location unknown.

Lt. Al Krebs among rubble of Frankfurt, 22 Apr 1945.

The bridge house at Bad Kreuznach Germany. 18 Apr 1945. Thorne is to the left of the building.

Thorne on a tower overlooking Bad Nauheim, Germany, 20 Apr. 1945.