Photographs - Page 56

Pictures from the family of Robert Thorne (deceased) who served as Asst G-3 for the Trailblazers. He also served as Air Operations officer, coordinating air strikes. Read his diary posted here.

The German supermen being searched by our MPs at the CP at Frankfurt, April 1945.

Railroad yards in Limburg, Germany. This was well bombed. June 1945.

French girls in St. Jean Rohrbach, France, Feb. 1945.

St. Jean Rohrbach, France, Feb. 1945.

Catholic church St Jean Rohrbach, France Feb 1945.

French soldier's grave in church yard at St. Jean Rohrbach, Feb. 1945.

Ruins in Merlebach, France, March 1945.

A scene in Merlebach, France.

French military cemetery in Merlebach, France.

Street scene in Merlebach, France. March 1945.

Coal mine in Merlebach, France.

Castle in Limburg, Germany.

Church in Limburg, Germany. June 1945 - Note Red Cross banner on roof in right center.

Limburg, Germany. Note large church in background. June 1945.

Ruins in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ruins in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bridges across the Main River at Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt, Germany on the Main.

Ruins in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ruins in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. A view along the river near the bridge houses.