Photographs - Page 53

The following photo comes from Gen. Herren's son, Thomas. This is a huge photo depicting a panoramic view of Wingen during the last stages of the battle. It is credited to Lt. Ed Newell for putting together the shot. Warning: This will take a while to download on a standard modem.

Panorama of Wingen-sur-Moder

Key to Numbers in picture:
Tank alert to prevent counter-attack at Hotel Wenk.
2. This spire is naturally a German O.P; dead Jerries outside of church.
3. Hotel Wenk burns from AT fire.
4. A couple of M-4's moved into town. One was knocked out.
5. Lt. Cooke shows how he played dead
6. Look closely and you'll see a GI patrol climbing the bank.
7. This how the infantry gets around...Jeep with trailer; occupants are probably under cover or searching for any stray krauts in surrounding houses.
8. Main body of infantry is here.
9. Anti-tank gun shells Hotel Wenk.
10. Tank fires at close range into...
11. Captives released when we took over. They looked rough
12. This Sherman is shelling the far side of town on the left.