Photographs - Page 51

The following pictures come from James Koller, Hqs. 3Bn/276. These pictures were taken during a battlefield tour during July 1945. Pictures taken were to be used for a history. These photos are personal pictures James took during the tour. What has happened to the official collection is unknown.


CP 3d Bn, 276th at Camp d'Oberhoffen on 1/1/45 - after the affects of Operation Nordwind.

I/276 CP on 1/3/45 in Heideneck (Wingen) - after the battle.

Wingen from the railroad embankment west of the underpass, approximate route of the flanking movement by 2d Bn. 274th.

American and German graves on Hill 403.

Forbach castle tower from the artillery-scarred "Kleinwald"

3d Bn. OP in Forbach. Rue du 276th US Inf parallels this street on the left and was my (Koller) concealed route to the OP.

Lt. Lancaster, 2d Bn, examines an embrasure in the railroad embankment northwest of Forbach which figures in the Lt. Conarty-Gen. Herren "incident" in Burtner's L/276 history.

Underpass at Wingen from the south. As I understand the battle accounts strong German positions on the hill shown to the north dominated the area, at for the first 2 days of fighting. The place where Lt. Peebles "played dead" overnight and then warned 274th troops regarding the "blue house" must have been in the foreground or just to the right.

3dBn/276 OP in the Lichtenberg Forest. In the woods the OP is the S2's slit trench.

Paper mill in Marienau destroyed by Capt. Conarty's friend's P-47.

Forbach castle from the Sportsplatz, probably the Burghof parade ground.

Typical Forbach street scene, labeled "sniper corner" by some troops.

General view of Forbach from the 3d Bn/276 CP.

Ten members of the photographic party after recovering our stolen jeep. The officer sitting beside Capt. Grennell appears to be Lt. Lancaster. Lt. Donahue is behind them. I am on the left with my hand on my chin (Koller). The SSgt on the right may be SSgt. House. Others are unidentified.