Photographs - Page 49

The following photos were sent to me by Jim Lankford. These are scans of the original photos used to illustrate the book by Petersen and Pence, "Ordeal in the Vosges". Thanks to Jim's hard work, Eugene Petersen, and the daughter of the late Charlie Pence, Sharon Pence Honer, who helped locate these photos, these "long lost" items are now available to view. The originals will be kept at the US Army Heritage and Education Center, formerly the MHI, with the 70th Infantry Division records available there. Eugene Petersen has graciously given his permission to post them on our site. Jim began his search for these photos while writing an article on MOH winner George Turner, who was at Philippsbourg with our 275th Trailblazers.

Pfc. Cornelius Cremer Machine Gunner, Weapons Pltn., Co. F., 275th Infantry. Picture taken at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. August or September 1944.

L: Cpl. William R. West, R: Sgt. William H. Martin. Weapons Pltn. C Co., 275th. Wiesbaden, Germany. June 1945.

S/Sgt. Floyd F. Bondy. C Co., 275th. Camp Adair, Ore. June 1944.

Harry W. Severance (3rd Bn S3, 275th). (Photo has heavy moire pattern. It came like that.)

Lt. Russell A. Holmes, Jr. Sept. 1944.

At Frankenberg 1st Lt. Morrell F. "Buck" Connally. S-2, 1st Bn., 275th at Philippsbourg. Photo by A.S. Wallace.

Pfc. James E. Mulholland, 1st Bn. Medical Section, Saarbrucken

H Co., 275th Infantry. Wiesbaden, Germany. Summer 1945. L to R: Chet Trangsrud (cook), Charles Passe (supply corporal), Morrie Aspen (platoon sergeant), Charles Ball (supply sergeant).

Briton W. Herbst (1st Sgt A/275) in a prewar photo while he was with his Regular Army unit at Chikoot Barracks, Alaska.

L-R Cpl. Engstrom, R. Penniman, Sgt. Thompson of the Cannon Co., 275th Infantry. Taken at Zinzing, Alsace.