Photographs - Page 47

The following photos were sent to me by Jim Lankford. These are scans of the original photos used to illustrate the book by Petersen and Pence, "Ordeal in the Vosges". Thanks to Jim's hard work, Eugene Petersen, and the daughter of the late Charlie Pence, Sharon Pence Honer, who helped locate these photos, these "long lost" items are now available to view. The originals will be kept at the US Army Heritage and Education Center, formerly the MHI, with the 70th Infantry Division records available there. Eugene Petersen has graciously given his permission to post them on our site. Jim began his search for these photos while writing an article on MOH winner George Turner, who was at Philippsbourg with our 275th Trailblazers.

Pillbox along the Saar River.

Hqs 275 somewhere in the ETO. Exact location not spcified.

Major Carrier and myself on July 45 visit to Philippsbourg. Photo: A.S. Wallace (D/275 CO).

Captain Jack B. Wallace. Photo taken at staging area at Marseilles. KIA January 1945 at Philippsbourg. Taken by A.S. Wallace, C.O., D Co., 275th.

Capt. Rodney Kirkpatrick, Personnel, 275th HQ in the field ETO.

G & HQ Co 275th, En route from Railhead (Brumath) to staging area. Gries, Dec. 25 1944. 1st Sgt. Bauditz in foreground. Lt. Denton with head sticking up near tree.

G/275 Marching thru Weitbruch on 25 Dec. 1944.

GIs from G/275 rest up in front of their barracks at Fort Leonard Wood.

LeRoy E. Turner seated on the right. At my left is Henry Skrobecki, Sgt. 1st Machine Gun Squad, Co. C., 275th Inf. Aug. 1945. Picture was taken at the Lake Placid Club, Lake Placid, N.Y. The Club was taken over by the Army as a recuperation place for former POWs. Photo: L.E. Turner.

Hadamar, Germany 6 Aug., 45. John Cruell with the cemetery of some 38,000 cremated persons in background. Each grave contains the ashes of approximately 100 persons. Photo: John Cruell.

Henry Murphy Corpus Christi, Texas and Ed Cloonan Waltham, Mass. July, 1945 at Usingen, Germany.

"88" knocked out the Sherman at Philippsbourg Jan. 4, 1945. 7/15/45 by A. J. Wallace." This is a photo of an M4 Medium Tank (Sherman) w/76mm gun. The tank was from the 1st Pltn., A Co., 47th Tank Bn., 14th Armored Division. It is the same tank that Medal of Honor recipient Pfc. George B. Turner, C Battery, 499th Armored Field Artillery Bn., 14th Armored Division was blown of off while attempting to save the wounded driver, T/5 Deral Hamilton.

Eugene Petersen

Charlie Pence. Appears to be in West Point unifrom. Date and location of photo is unknown.

Unidentified unit in group of photos. Date and location is unknown.