Photographs - Page 44

Pictures from Randy Roberts. His uncle Randall Tarpley served with the 276th, company unknown. If anyone can identify locations in these photos please let me know. Thanks!

"Siegestor" (Victory-Gate) in Munich on Ludwigstrasse. It was built up new after the war. Maybe the photographer made a small tour through Munich in 1945. Stachus, where he took the photo of the German Panther tank is just 15 minutes away.

Destroyed German 88.

Another view of a knocked out German 88.

Knocked out Panther tank. From Ulrich Mossner in Germany: "The Panther in front of the cinema "Imperial Lichtspiele" Munich, Stachus (Bavaria/Germany). The house was called the "Pini-Haus". "Stachus" is the name of the famous place in Munich, "Lichtspiele" is a old German term for cinema / German: "Kino".

Randell Tarpley.

Unknown street. Forbach, Saarbrucken?

Unknown location.

Unknown location.

Unknown location.

From Martin Korsch, Germany: It is a look into the Ettstrasse in Muenchen, direction north. Left is the facade of the Michaelskirche (Church), right the entrance of the Polizeipraesidium (Police Headquarter). The church and the tower (left) in the background still exist, also the Police Headquarter.

Knocked out Sherman tank.

Soldier is not identified.

70th Div troops -location and time photo was taken is not known.