Photographs - Page 41

The following pictures come from past issues of the Trailblazer, 1981 - 1985. Thanks to Vy Kycek for sending me the back issues!

Medal presentation in Behren, France, March 1945. Col. Conley listens as Adjutant Capt. B.A. Nurre reads citations.

Battered church serves as backdrop for awards ceremony in Behren. The next photo shows bandsmen during ceremony. This photo has none indicating a different day.

Medals are awarded to 274th GIs in battle-line ceremonies in Behren.

Cleaning the barracks (and who that has served has never done this) in 1944. L to R: Pvt Ken Durie, L/274, mans mop; Pvt Jerry Searp, L/275, with broom; Pfc Ira Lowrie, 370th Medics at bucket; and Pfc Michael Veneziano, L/276.

Capt. Frank Ellis, Medics/274th. Photo taken in Cherbourg, France, 1945.

Forbach, France, being shelled in March 1945. Shot was taken from high hill to the west of the city. Buildings were ablaze as 70th troops moved in for the capture. It took slightly nearly three weeks to capture the city.

Jack Benny reads a copy of the Trailblazer. Photo taken at Camp Adair in 1944.

Mail clerk Carl Adkins L/275 hands out mail to Carl Alexander CN/276. Camp Adair, March 1944.

Russel Nordgren's "Mary Ellen" of the 70th Reconnaissance Troop. Delbert Sitz was the driver.

Col. Al Morgan, CO of the 276th, in Europe in 1945. Photo originally came from Herman Levinson.

The 70th's namesake in the form of a large oil tanker, S.S. Trailblazer during WW2. It was the first ship named for an infantry division and the largest tanker built on the west coast at the time. Photo taken on day of launch Jun 9, 1944.

Trailblazers train in the mud. Where, Camp Adair or Leonard Wood, is unknown. Man on right has Swain stenciled on helmet.

Pfc. Vincent Wenge, I/276, bails out a foxhole that became flooded with melting snow. Picture taken February, 1945.

A bombed out house testifies to the intensity of the attack on Saarbrucken in the 70th's final days of combat. GIs are unidentified.

Training near Yakima, Washington prepares Trailblazer arty for the real thing. No. 2 of Bty C, 725th FAB, firing a 155mm howitzer. GI is identified as Section Sgt. H.C. Johnson.

A 57mm AT of the 275th awaits overlooking a road in Phillipsbourg. Unit of tank on left is unidentified.

Divarty CO BG Rodes falls into a well concealed foxhole during the division's training at Camp Adair. Remarked the general, "After all that is what camoflage is for."

Improvised mark of medic on helmet gives no Geneva Covention protection as he and a fellow soldier huddle for cover under intense enemy fire near Behren, France. Unit identifed is 274th but GIs are unidentified.

CP2 north of Marseille. Trailblazer magazine.

Field Marshall Montgomery talks to US Troops. Trailblazers were represented in this group. Trailblazer photo.

St. Jean Rohrbach, first Headquarters in France. Trailblazer photo.

These are some buddies from Hq&Hq Co., 1st Bn., 30th Inf Regt. (Formerly 276 Inf.) Unfortunately, I don't recall any of their names. But if I remember, this was a Sunday side trip to Wiesbaden, Germany. I am not in the picture, because I took it. Harry Stanley, A/276.

I&R Squad, 1st Bn, 276th. Seated L to R: Unknown, Unknown, Charles Shulman. Standing L to R: Harry Stanley, Douglas Barnier, Unknown. Where an when picture was taken is not known. Photo: Harry Stanley.

Unidentified troops draw a PX issue at Camp Adair. From the Fall 2006 issue of the Trailblazer

Company B/270 bridging the Willamette River in Oregon in the Fall of 1943. It took them 5 hours and 43 minutes to build the 570 foot span across the river. Trailblazer magzine, Winter 1994.

Members of 70th CIC detachment at a coal mine near Saarbrucken where suspected "werewolves" were said to be. None were found but a boatload of weapons and explosives were found 10 stories down the mine. Identified are Capt. George Godfrey (70th PR officer holding bottle, with helmet) and Chet Gartski (far right). Capt. John Prusinski (holding bottle without helmet) is a CIC blazer. Others are not identified,