Photographs - Page 40

Pictures 1,2 from Bob Zook, whose dad, Fred S. Zook, served with the 884th FA Bn. 3. From William Weiler, who's dad worked with the 276 in Germany. Mr. Weiler was German. Pictures 4-6 are from Margaret Micherdzinski, whose father Daniel Micherdzinski served with A/276. Picture 7 is from Dale Bowlin C/883. Picture 8 from Russ Weiskircher.

1. Fred Zook on a downed B-17 Flying Fortress.

2. Fred Zook in top hat. Others unidentified.

3. I have a certficate of my father, who worked with the 2nd. Bn. 276th Inf., as an german Interpreter, after the war until 07.19.45. During this time the 276th Infantry Regiment stayed in Braunfels, my home town since 36, after I was born in New York in 34. William Weiler.

4. Daniel F. Micherdzinski, Company A, 276th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division, Weapons Platoon - Mortar Squad Leader-3rd Squad

5. Portrait of Daniel Micherdzinski painted by a former concentration camp prisoner. Dan befriended the survivor so the former prisoner painted the portrait as a thank you for helping. It is dated 1945, Austria. We have no name for the painter.

6. Daniel Micherdzinski and his uncle Andrew Micherdzinski, a captain in the Polish Army. London, 1945. Photo: Margaret Micherdzinski

7. Oliver Hill in front of C/883 Battery Hqs at Ft. Leonard Wood. Note 883rd FAB Insignia. Photo from Dale Bowlin.

8. Sample of a safe conduct pass. These leaflets were either droppedby a/c or fired from special artillery shells into and behind German lines. It offered safe passage to any German who wanted to surrender. Courtesy of Russ Weiskircher.