Photographs - Page 36

The following series of photos come from Janice Tyrell, daughter of "Ace" Keyes, E/275. Janice writes, " were given to my dad while in Limburg, Germany."

1st Platoon, E/275. May 1945. "Ace" is seated front row second from right.

Gatta or Gatto or Gotta (spelling hard to decipher) "checking kraut pass" - 1945.

Carlin and Toombs clowing around.

Caption on photo says ""Hitler's superman - "SS" " 1945.

Stalag #2 - Prisoners going to Division for discharge. 1945.

Rizzuto and Keyes at the gate of Stalag #2 (Parade Rest!)

L to R: unk, unk, Shanahan, Bonforte, Keyes, Lepore, and Seabald.

Bonforte and Billas - 1945.

Bonforte and Jim Rawls - clowning around, 1945.

Futo, Girardi (?), Ace Keyes, 1945, Lindenholzenhausen, Germany.

Gatto (sp?), Frietag, Witteveen (sp?) 1945 Germany

S/Sgt Witteveen and Gatto

Futo and Witteveen - 1945

L to R: Ace Keyes, Len Benforte, "Bloody" Buller, Jimmy Shanahan (medic) and Futo, near Limburg, Germany 1945.

Stalag #2 as seen from Tower 1 - 1945.

Billas, Burris, Williams and Kopacy, E/275 1945 Limburg, Germany.