Photographs - Page 34

The following pictures come from the National Archives.


Hotel in Wingen, France suspected sniper hideout, is hit by US tracer bullets as infantrymen of 70th Div retake town from German mountain troops. Photo: Signal Corps

Jam session in Behren, France, 10 Mar 1945. 274th Inf Reg. Photo: Signal Corps.

A view of dragon's teeth at Saarbrucken which fell to 70th Div troops. House in background are cunningly camouflaged pillboxes. 22 Mar 1945. Photo: AP

Capture of Saarbrucken. GIs of 70th Div seen with Nazi flag and portrait of Hitler. 22 Mar 1945. Photo: Corbis.

Panorama of Saarbrucken, 274th sector, 15 Mar 1945. Photo: Signal Corps.

Soldiers of 70th Div walk through liberated section of Forbach, 23 Feb 1945. Photo: Signal Corps

Two soldiers from 276th Inf. Reg. peer through door as enemy shell finds intersection in Forbach, France. 3 Mar 1945. Photo: Signal Corps.

I/274 troops in German trenches outskirts of Spicheren, 22 Feb 1945. Photo: Signal Corps

Comm trenches connecting German strong points. Trenches like these covered approach to Saarbrucken. 18 Mar 1945. Photo: Signal Corps.

Rhine Regatta: Leftover pancakes from contest thrown to GIs of 70th Div. Photo: Life magazine

Rhine Regatta: Waitress tries to take beer to a table at enlisted men's club. Photo: Life magazine

Mass escape! Part of the 1200 tattered and sick men of all nations who fought the Germans march into a qyarry to await transportation home. These men overcam their Nazi guards at a German POW hospital in Stiring-Wendel, 5 Mar 1945, 274th Inf Regt - Etzling area. Photo: Signal Corps

70th troops cross bailey bridge (what's left of the Alte Brucke - Old Bridge) into Saarbrucken. Photo: Boyer, Office of War information. (Info on bridge provided by Michael Gerke of Saarbrucken, Germany)

US Army vehicle with trailer rolls across Bailey bridge (what remains of the Alte Brucke (Old Bridge) over Saar River at Saarbrucken. 21 Mar 1945. Photo: Signal Corp. (Info on bridge provided by Michael Gerke of Saarbrucken, Germany)

Five judges for the pancake contest for the 70th's Rhine Regatta. July 4, 1945. Photo: Life magazine

Pfc Larry Truppo and Pfc Samuel Davis look at sign on outskirts of Saarbrucken, 22 Mar 1945. Photo: AP

70th troops with captured flag. Saarbrucken, Mar 1945. Photo: Corbis

Ruins of Alt-Saarbrucken with the burnt out tower of the Friedenskirche (Peace Church). Alt-Saarbrucken is a part of Saarbrucken which was heavily destroyed during an air raid by the Royal Air Force on October 5th, 1944 which was requested by the US 3rd Army. The photo (taken south of the river Saar) is looking towards the parts of Saarbrucken that are north of the river, as can be seen from the amount of houses visible and the far off hills. Judging from the hills, the photographer was looking north, while (judging from the churchtower) standing close to "Vorstadtstrasse 25-27, 66117 Saarbruecken, Germany" (49.231282 N, 6.988408 E) Information from Michael Gerke, Saarbrucken, Germany. Mar 1945. Photo: Corbis

John Spatola of the 99th Chemical Mortar Battalion loads a 4.2in mortar in support of the battle for Forbach. Early March 1945. Photo: Corbis

Unknown Trailblazer checks out pillbox before demolition. Near Forbach France, Feb/Mar 1945. Still from National Archives film.

GIs fire at suspected enemy position. Wingen-sur-Moder, Jan 1945 France. Still from National Archives film.

Moving along cautiously and taking advantage of cover afforded by ditch along railroad track, infantrymen of the 70th division go ahead in the attack after their practice river corssing over the Saar River. 3/276 Infantry, 70th Div, XXI Corps, Grosbliederstroff area, Fr. Picture is made by T/4 James W. Todd.