Photographs - Page 33

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

A/274 Company Photo. Photo: Hildebrand.

Fresh picking of Rhineland Cherries. L to R-- Pfc. John (Jack) Barton, Cpt. Leroy C. Mayer, and Pfc. John Kuzma. Photo: Mackie.

Pfc Don Meador, I & R, 274. Photo: Mackie.

As my daughter Laura, was doing some more 'cleaning' on the photo she discovered a 70th bumper sticker on the jeep! Amazing what can be uncovered with a good editing program. Photo: Mackie.

After the war Dad had occupational duties in Germany along the Rhine River and up to Berlin. Here he is with a little R&R on the Rhine. Photo: Mackie.

Frank Ellis, right, next to his aptly named jeep. Frank was a surgeon with the 274th. Driver on the left is Pfc Bob (Slim) Hentzel. Photo: Ellis.

Knocked out Panther near Hersfeld. Photo: Mackie

Reich Marshal Hermann Goering's captured armored car. He was second to Adolf Hitler and headed the German armament and war industry. He also commanded the German Air Force. Capturing Hitler's yacht and this car helped Dad to realize the war was truly over! Photo: Mackie.

Lt. Col. Karl Landstrom, CO, 3rd Bn/274th. Image is from the book, "Snow Ridges and Pillboxes" By Wallace Cheves. Photo from Mackie.

Mainz am Rhine, Germany 1945. Photo: Mackie.

1st Sgt. Theo Williford, 274th Regimental Headquarters & Headquarters Company giving orders for the day in his baseball uniform. Was this the first Trailblazer sports uniform? Photo: Mackie.

1st Bn, 274th Medics. VE Day. Tall Medic in back is Robert Hentzell (Doc Ellis's driver) Tallest guy in outfit per Les. Middle Row: Unknown, Lamar Polton, Russell Andersen, Paul Johnson Front Row: Lt. John Passanisi, (Unknown First name) Kokinda, (Unknown first name) Banasiak. Names are from Les Habegger. Photo: Andersen.

Russell Andersen, 1st Bn/274 Medic with his truck "Old Bastard". Photo: Andersen.

Russell Andersen, Medics 274th with Peter Plummer Jeep VE Day. Photo: Andersen.

Russell Andersen, (left). Other Trailblazers unidentified. Photo taken VE Day, May 1945. Photo: Andersen.

Trailblazers from I/274. Leonard Marshall is on far right. He was KIA on Jan 15, 1945. He was also awarded the Silver Star. Photo courtesy of Byron McNeely and Leandra Bentley.