Photographs - Page 30

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

This is a 40&8 photo showing F/276 men heading north up the Rhone valley in Dec. '44. Top left is Jimmi Pecorella, blank, John Fong, Raymond Abbey. On the ground is Sgt. Winfred G. Stevens (Later Colonel Stevens) and a French boy. Our hearts went out to those waifs standing silently at trackside as we passed. I remember throwing canned food of all sorts out to them as we rolled by. Sometimes to our detriment. Photo: Bill Verburg.

Destroyed bridge - location unknown. Photo: Randy Roberts sent these pictures that belonged to his uncle Randall Tarpley. Company unknown.

Crematory - Dachau. Photo: Roberts.

Another view of Dachau. Photo: Roberts.

Randall on tank - location unknown. Photo: Roberts.

Unknown - appears to be a gun trailer. Schlossberg in bkg. Photo: Roberts.

Randall Tarpley. Photo: Roberts.

Pfc Clyde Carden, G/276 - boat landing in Oberlahnstein on the Rhine River April, 1945. Photo: James Carden.

Left to right they are Clyde Carden, Bruno Waichulis, Frank Dell-Stritts, Earl Godfrey and Gartner? Photo: James Carden.

Pete Peterson on occupation duty January 1946 in Berlin. Photo: James Carden.

Pat Molinari (l) with Ignace Matla, who was my assistant. Photo: Lowry.

Pat Molinari. Photo: Lowry.

L to R: Alex Maston, Ignace Matla and Pat Molinari. Matla and Maston were both in my third squad and your dad was in Lloyd Finney's first squad. Photo: Lowry.

Francis Wabeke (I/276), L, and unknown GI, right, Berlin 1945/46. Photo: Wabeke.