Photographs - Page 29

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

Breeden & Crawford, date and place of photo unknown. Photo: John Howell.

The 276th Assembly in June 1945. Shot of Amphitheater. Photo: Howell.

Band playing during ceremony. Photo: Howell.

Two Trailblazers from Hqs/276 Wire Section, Schwartz and Lapidus. Photo: Howell.

This is the picture of the Rhine River looking North from below the Lorelei. The picture is from my Wire Section Truck soon after WW 2 was over. Photo: Howell.

Hqs/276th Wire Section - Back. Photo: Howell.

H. "Jack" Daniel, Wire Section Jeep Driver. Photo: Howell.

Hqs/276th Wire Section - Hensley. Photo: Howell.

Hqs Co./276th. Photo: John Howell, Hqs/276th.

The 276th Assembly in June 1945. It is just a shot of the Amphitheater from the rear looking to the Podium. Photo: Howell.

Flag over the Rhine River in June, 1945. Photo: Howell.

Matthew "Bud" Blair, Hqs/276th. Courtesy of Barbara Matthews, daughter of Bud Blair.

Standing Row, L to R: Sgt. Ignace Matla, unknown, Pfc. Chestcavage (sp?); kneeling, L to R: Pfc. Baily and Pfc. Patrick Molinari. Photo taken after the war somewhere in Germany in August 1945. (Photo and above information courtesy of Patrick Molinari and his son Ken).

Patrick Molinari (L) and Sgt. Matla (R). Photo taken in 1945 somewhere in Germany. Photo: Molinari.

Going home from Le Harve, France. Photo: Molinari.

August 6th, 1945. 3rd Platoon, Co. A, 276th Infantry Regiment. Photo taken in Lohrheim (sp?), Germany. Those identified are: front row, 3rd from left, Pfc Wood; 6th from left, Pfc. Patrick Molinari; 7th from left Pfc. Phil Monier. Photo: Molinari.

From Left to Right: Phil Monier, Irving Troops and Mario Sbrocco. Photo taken Aug 23, 1945 somewhere in Germany. Photo: Molinari.

Plane capture May 7, 1945 near Wurzberg. Photo: Rickett.

Christian Colline sent this picture of his uncle's platoon of I/276. Vito is 6th from the left in the back. Vito was killed in action on 1/13/45. 1st Platoon, I/276, fall of 1944, Ft Leonard Wood Missouri. Vito is 6th from left in back row. Vito was killed in action Jan 13, 1945. Also identified: Top row 3rd from right looks very much like me. Even my wife says it is me. Frances Wabeke 276-I company.

Cliff G., Bill O., Garn B., Don W., 2 rabbit, 1 deer. Photo: Rickett.

Garn Bastion on the left. Soldier on right unidentified. Date and place of photo is unknown. Photo: Denise Rickett.

Racetrack just outside of Paris at Maisons Le Fed. Photo: Ricket.

Garn Bastion, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. October 15, 1944. Photo: Rickett.