Photographs - Page 28

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

Getting slicked up at CP-2 at Marseilles was no simple task. All those rocks in the foreground suggest that these 70th band members didn't have a soft bed! Photo: unknown.

Unknown Blazer at CP2, France 1945. Photo: Dick Brown.

Headquarters Co. cooks, Germany, 1945. Photo: Dick Brown.

70th Band, Germany, 1945. Photo: Dick Brown.

Displaced persons, Saarbrücken, Germany 1945. Photo: Dick Brown.

Saarbrücken, Germany 1945. photo: Dick Brown.

Cathedral at Cologne, Germany 1945. Photo: Dick Brown.

Destroyed Bridge in Cologne, Germany 1945. Bridge was later raised and rebuilt. It is in use today. Photo: Dick Brown.

Close Combat Range at Fort Leonard Wood in 1944. The soldiers are Stan Lambert, Fielden Miller, Clare Kleinhans, and Jim Kessel all of I/275. Photo: Jim Kessel.

Judy Johnson, daughter of Pvt. Joseph E. Brunell, 2nd Bn, Hq Co 275 Inf, has sent a Company photo taken in 43 or 44. He is 3rd from the left, top row. Mr. Brunell was transfered out of the 70th sometime during this period and went to the Pacific where he earned the Liberation Medal - Philippines. Mr. Brunell passed away in 1974.

Retreat Formation, Frankfurt, May 1945. Does anyone recoginze the name of the jeep? Photo: Newbegin.

Capt Weeks, left and Lt. Francis Newbegin on the right. Photo: Newbegin.

Lt. Francis Newbegin, Frankfurt, May 1945. Photo: Newbegin.

Bernardo Sandoval. Photo taken in Germany, 1945. It was sent by his grandson, Robert O'Keefe.

Bernardo Sandoval. Photo from Robert O'Keefe.

Bernardo "Sandy" Sandoval (2nd from rt.) with grandsons at the 70th memorial on Spicheren Heights in 1999.

Camp Adair,OR. cira 1942, got that off the car license plate. Francis Newbegin is the one with the dog, front row. Photo: Newbegin.

This photo is what I believe to be Camp Adair, Or. circa 1942. Francis Newbegin is in the front row seated on the bleacher 7th from the left. Photo: Newbegin.

Shot of the Beer Hall in Phillipsbourg used as an aid station. Photo from Jay Zimmerman.

Three Corvallis couples - Jun 1944. Elmer and his wife are on the left. Other couples are unknown. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Unknown Corvallis couple. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Inside of the church used as an aid station in Phillipsbourg. This is noted in the 275th medical history. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Hill near Phillipsbourg where first litter cases were removed. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Elmer "Buddy" Zimmerman near wrecked German houses on VE Day, May 1945. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Paris furlough May 1945 - having a beer. Elmer on right, others unknown. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Paris street scene - May 1945. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

The sign says it all - "Welcome to Stiftswald Haven overlooking the Saar...Sports and Entertainment: Mortar Dodging, Kraut Hunting (no limit), Tank Trapping. Under New Management 1st Bn-275th Inf." Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

Elmer's section on VE Day - May 1945 - None of the GI's are named. Elmer is sitting in back, 4th from left. Photo: Jay Zimmerman.

"The car we rode in..." Photo: Jay Zimmerman.