Photographs - Page 27

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

An example of an address card that Blazers filled out when the move began from Leonard Wood to Camp Miles Standish near Boston. Photo: Kevin Collins.

First Mail Call in combat, near Baerenthal, France. Photo: Chris Condor. His dad Al Condor served with the 2nd Bn AP Platoon of the 275th.

Blowing up a German road block with 120 pounds of TNT. Photo: Condor.

Building a log bridge across a small stream. No names given, A&P platoon near Baerenthal, France. Photo: Condor.

Arthur Collins took this photo as indicated of a Mess Line near Marseilles. Is this CP-2? Photo: Kevin Collins.

Arthur Collins. Photo: Kevin Collins.

Don George, K/275. Photo was taken just prior to joining the 70th at Camp Adair. Patch on arm represents the Army Service Forces. Photo: George.

On the front lines near Baerenthal, France. L to R: Sgt. Anzelc, Pfc. Femimore and Pfc Stebbening who apears to be holding a German assault rifle. Photo: Condor.

This is a complete mystery to me, except that my father is the middle of the three people sitting on the rock. I have no idea where the photo was made. Photo: Jim Lowther.

This is of G/275 men at (I believe) Leonard Wood, 1944. My father, Homer "Bus" Lowther, is the second from the right. I believe that his friend Jim Phillips (KIA) is on the right. I have no idea who the other two men on the left are. Photo: Lowther.

Taken at Montana State College, c. 1943-44. I believe these guys to be ASTP, although the shoulder patches are not the ASTP insignia. From left to right, top: Phil Freitag, Bus Lowther, Rolf Strundyaird; bottom: Bob Fergusen, Carl Strauss, Ed Bowles. I believe that Ed Bowles was in the 70th, and probably 275th. How many of the others went to the 70th I do not know. Photo: Lowther.

Taken in Limburg, Germany (1945?). S/Sgt. Bus Lowther on the left, S/Sgt. Wayne F. Davis on the right. Both were in 1st Platoon, G/275. Photo: Lowther.

40 by 8's on the way to the front. First break after leaving Marseilles, France. Photo: Condor.

Al Condor's squad and platoon Sgt., l to r: Pfc Becker, Sgt. Anzelc (squad leader), T/Sgt Schooley (Plt. Sgt.) Pfc. Al Condor, Pfc Kelly (kneeling). Note BAR foreground. Photo: Condor.

Winterizing tents near Marseilles. Arthur Collins is sitting below and a man named Little is above him. Photo: Kevin Collins.

T/Sgt Schooley, taken by A&P trailer near Baerenthal, France. Photo: Condor.

This is the Radio Section of the Hq. Co. 275th Inf. Reg. It was made at Bad Homburg (sp?), Germany a short distance NW of Frankfurt am Main shortly after the end of the war in Europe. Standing L to R: T/5 John Daugherty, T/4 Clive (Mack) McCauslin, Pfc. Lamar Pitton, T\4 John Corbin, T\4 Elwood Knox, T\5 August Weber, T/5 Raymond Turner, T\5 Frank Moran. Kneeling, left to right: T/Sgt. Howard Stemple, T\5 Walter Johnson, Sgt. Jaroslay Rysick, T\4 Gordon Immerfall, T/4 Leonard Shipstead, T\4 Homer Book, T/5 George Baer. The names in heavy black lettering were of the original radio section when the 70th was activated after all the privates and PFC were stripped out and sent to the Pacific. Photo: Knox.