Photographs - Page 26

The following photos come from George Ferber, A&P Platoon, 275th Infantry Regiment.

Our truck, trailer, and driver (Lewis) on way to Limburg. Date unknown, probably April - May 1945.

Ten minute break and a cigarette on the forty mile march from Frankfurt to Limburg, May 24 - 26, 1945. A & P Platoon (Ammunition and Pioneer)

From Marseilles to Gries by 40 x 8. Date unknown.

Schooley making a dive in the pool at Frankfurt. Date unknown.

Remmel, the cook, taking a swing. A medic catching, Kelley on third, myself, Boze squatting, Todd to his right. Date unknown.

A view of Hitler's Reichsautobahn near Hiedelberg. Date unknown.

Becker with hood on trailer from truck as we crossed Neckar river into Hiedelberg. Crossed army bridge. Allother bridges blown up as one in picture. Date unknown.

A nice view of Hiedelberg, Germany and the Neckar River, June 1945.

Rear CP. Baerenthal sector.

Baerenthal sector

Clowning around: Rear: Condor, Left and Dowd, Right. Standing, L to R: Eubanks, Kubowitz and Treadway.

Matt Anzelc on an "88"

L to R: Treadway, Humphrey, Lt. Barker and Anzelc, back to camera. Location: Wiesbaden, Germany 1945.

Sgt. Adams. AT Gun on right, A&P Trailer on left. Wiesbaden, Germany. 1945

Condor guarding the ammo dump. Wiesbaden, Germany 1945.

Niederrod by Frankfurt, 1945. Back Row: Pryz, Kubowitz, Todd, Matt. Front: Badolato, Malloy, Davis

Saarbrucken, 1945, shortly after being taken out of combat

Limburg, Germany. Destruction of train yard.

Hospitalized German PWs peeling potatos in courtyard at hospital which is adjacent to Dom (church or cathedral) in Limburg.

Bombed bridge spanning Autobahn, Limburg, Germany.

Treadway - Humphrey - Ferber.