Photographs - Page 25

The following photos come from the Signal Corps with the help of Jerry Dutscheck. They belonged at one time to Don Patzer (deceased) of C/270.

The Siegfried Line - note Dragon's teeth.

Close up of Dragon's teeth.

70th on parade.

70th Div gunner changes position. He's carrying a .30 MG (M1917A1). Note plane in distance.

Blasting Siegfreid defenses.

Dead nazi SS trooper. Location is not noted.

German tank burns. The way the hatch looks it appears to be a PvKw - IV.

Flushing sniper - Alsace area.


Blasting Nazi block near Bitche.

Attacking in Stiring Wendel.

Forbach, France.

Blasting Saar River cities.

Destroying City, Saar Valley.

70th Div marches through Saarbrucken.

Gas truck fire near Bitche.

Blasting nazi town. From Paul James -- This is an M4A3 (76mm) W Sherman of 22nd Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division in a street in Wernberg, Germany. 22 April 1945.

70th moves into French town.

70th Div screen across Saar River.

Wiping out Nazi guns near Wendel, France.