Photographs - Page 24

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

Photo of General Rodes (courtesy of Lorrie McKeever). General Rodes is on extreme left. General Barnett (CO, 70th) is fourth from right.

The following picture comes via Beau Sharbrough, whose uncle Calvin Sharbrough served with Hqs and Hqs Bty. Picture is dated Nov. 1944.

Guideon for A/725. Dan Gier, son of Lawrence Gier, who served with Battery A, 725th FA, sent me reproductions of these photos.

From Left to Right: Cole, Smith and Bohler. Photo: Gier.

Caption from Picture: Honey Wagon - "but damn does it stink". Photo: Gier.

Same town, slightly to the left of other picture. "Pop" Schindler checking passes. German truck pulling wrecked truck. Town unknown.*Peter Zadelaar adds these comments: "On the picture on the right hand side one can see a German truck stopped by American Soldiers, there is something special about that truck, it is not a German truck, it is a Bedford truck built by the British and either captured early in the war at Dunkirk or in Africa when the Brits fought against Rommel. Again that is not a German truck but a captured British Bedford. I hope you can do something with this info to update the caption." Photo: Gier.

725 FA tractors. Photo: Gier.

From L to R: Mathowitz and Smith next to wrecked Sherman. Photo: Gier.

From Left to Right: Larsen and Lawrence Gier. Photo: Gier.

From Left to Right: Moses, Gier and Smith. Looks like they are standing on a C-47. Photo: Gier.

S/Sgt Deveise, standing 2nd from left; Sgt "Stretch" Dryden next. Others unknown. Picture appears to have been taken at DB2 shortly after arrival. in France. Photo: Maine Deveise, son of Wayne Deveise.

S/Sgt "Duke" Deveise left with 1st Sgt "Tex" Martin, C/725 FA Bn, Bad Orb, Germany, April 1945. Photo: Maine Deveise.

Pvt. "Duke" Deveise in a picture taken after hostilities. Note Seventh Army Patch on sleeve and ribbons. Insignia on cap and lapel appears to be DI of 2nd Artillery. Probably taken after transfer from 70th due to low points. Photo: Deveise.

Camp Adair, Oregon 1944 Maine Deveise 2nd from right. Others unknown. Photo: Deveise.

From to L to R: Cpl. Bill "Stretch" Dryden (Virginia), Sgt Maine "Duke" Deveise (Pa.) and Pfc Jim Harris (Cleveland, Oh.) Bad Orb, Germany 1945. Photo: Deveise.

Maine Deveise, ctr with rifle, others unknown. Camp Adair, 1944. Photo: Deveise.

A group of GIs including Maine Deveise (far right) on leave in Paris , 2 May 1945. Photo: Deveise.

Pilot/Crew Chief/Observer Chuck Ferree in his L-4s (Piper) over Germany. Chuck Ferree writes: Basically, we did spotting for the big guns. Sometimes, they requested us to check out certain areas, and when we flew, we always had at least one entire battery of guns ready to go. We'd give the coordinates of a target, or they would give us a set. One gun would follow our commands, ready to fire, the others would set their guns to follow the one gun. When we spotted something big or a real good target, we'd call for one round and bracket the target with another. All the guns were set on the same coordinates. When we said "fire for effect," the entire battery fired. It was awesome. Some times we would us an entire battalion, or the 155s or even the "Long Toms" 155 rifles. We could do as much damage as four B-17s, depending on the targets. We even got to where we could hit moving targets, like a tank, or convoy. Chuck Ferree was with Hq./884. He passed away in 1999.

Pilot/Crew Chief/Observer Ken Isaak in his L-4. Photo: Ferree.

725th Cooking staff: Busbach, France; Left to right: T/4 Rager, myself (Lawrence Chesterton), T/5 Switzer , T/4 Omar....the cooking staff. Photo: Rita Chesterton.

725th FAB Reunion in Philadelphia in 1950. Lawrence Chesterton is third from right, back row. His wife Veronica is fourth from right. Front row on right are Ike and Albina Zewnueski. Jack and Margret Gallagher in front row, 4th from left. Photo from Rita Chesterton.

Lawrence Chesterton outside the 725th FAB Motor Park. Location unknown -- possibly Germany. Photo Rita Chesterton.