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The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.

882nd FA Battery A photo Identification

Bottom row: Sgt. Thomas, Cpl. McCulloch, Sgt. Moore, Pfc. Hanson, Sgt. Shorey, 2nd Lt. Thompson, 2nd Lt. Murphy, 1st Lt. Denstedt, BC Capt. Hughes, 1st Lt. Gamrodt, 2nd Lt. McGloughan, 1st Sgt. Armburst, Sgt Harkie, Mess Sgt. Holt, Sgt. Jaime

Row 2: Sgt. Kessner, Cpl. Reese, Sgt. Jones, Sgt. Schreyer, Pvt. Davilla, Lesko, Wall, Ford, Ruark, Brannon, Lew, Weingardt, Minson, Brazil, Pulley, Susinno

Row 3: Pvt. Lincoln, Carey, Crofts, Griffith, Shipero, Gimble, Miller E., Mueller, Etcheson, Rameriz, Smith F., Corbett, Pfc. Jones, Pvt. Palma, Sheets, Clark, Heyer, Bindo

Row 4: Pvt. Lentine, Leon, Greenwell, Bolton, Reber, Simmons, Korns, McDowell, Evert, Kline, Pearson, Hazlitt, Hnizdor, Sabo, Besserra, Hackman (died), Wilson, Cornado, Karpel

Row 5: Pvt. Hudson, Pyle, Trager, Tucker, Ernest, Perricci, Pernice, Provinzo, Mabary, Munsee, Cooper, Faulk, Bernard, Brostrom, Ruck, Young, Diagle, Parks, Schnalzer

Row 6: Pvt. Saintes, Smallwood, Muzzy, Miller J, Rohb, Pfc. Fulks, Pvt. Morrow, Lloyd, Sutter, Harold, Schutte, Garretson, Parson, Wilson N., Venckus, Church, Gettemeyer, Okelos, Nealson, Cutter, Wells

Wayne Brannon "official" WW2 photo, in helmet, with Trailblazer patch visible. Photo: Betsy Mills, Wayne's daughter.

5 uniformed soldiers, standing in front of a building. In another similar picture you can see a sign on the door that says "Orderly Room". Wayne Brannon is second from left, and I think the one on the far right is Bill Mueller. Others are unknown but faces are clear so someone might recognize them. Webmaster Note: Note A/882nd FA Bn emblem! Photo: Betsy Mills.

Wayne Brannon and Bill Mueller, Brannon in helmet, Mueller holding helmet. Photo: Betsy Mills.

4 men in uniforms/long coats, caps; in front of building with "Drosten" on awning. They are Wayne Brannon, Stan Venckus, unknown, Bill Mueller. I don't know where this was taken (probably near either Camp Adair or Ft. Leonard Wood ?), but I also have 3 other photos (not scanned) taken in the same place which, in addition to the men in this picture, also have their wives with them. I asked my mother over the phone and she thinks she remembers that it was around the corner from the Mayfair Hotel in St. Louis, in which case it would have been when the 70th was at Ft. Leonard Wood. Photo: Betsy Mills.

On the back of this one it says "#2 American Cemetery at Bensheim." I'm pretty sure the 3 soldiers pictured are Bill Mueller, Joe Schnalzer, and Angelo "Lub" Lentine. Photo: Betsy Mills.

Soldiers in field with large gun (I don't know if they are identifiable). Todd says this was taken at Yakima during training. Photo: Betsy Mills.

Brannon, Rausch, Cassizzi standing on a tree lined street, under a sign on a building that says 'Photo Pohlmann'. Photo: Betsy Mills.

American Red Cross Clubmobile train car. Webmaster Note: Note name of car "Old Dominion" and TD emblem "the 605th Tank Destroyer Canteen". Photo: Betsy Mills.

Top Sergeant Taylor. Photo: Betsy Mills.

Rausch and Jones. Photo: Betsy Mills.

Lt. Dupuy or Dufoy??(can't read it) and William (Corky or Bill) Hnizdor from Chicago, Illinois (d 1972). Photo: Betsy Mills.

Identified as Crofts and Morrow. Photo: Betsy Mills.

Hqs/882nd FAB. Photo: Betsy Mills.

882nd FA Bn Officers. Photo: Todd Anton.

From left to right: Back row - Herbert T. Ruble, Sidney S. Sachs, and Vilsack. Kneeling, left to right: John Polojac and Ralph B. O'Donnell. Photo: Johnson.

From left to right, back row: Rosa, William G. Scott, William J Raap, Charles W. Johnson. Front Row, left to right: Cecil D. Bolster, Edward J. Hager, Jr., Oscar L. Sebasta, Glen A. Gillette, John H. Dennis and John Polojac. Soldier on far right is unidentified. Photo: Johnson.

The following photo comes via Todd Anton. It is of C/883. Dale Bowlin served with C/883.

Cecil Austin on left and unidentified Blazer on right. Cecil Austin.

Wally Anton A/882 in a rare color photo. Photo: Todd Anton.

Hanau Beer Hall - June 21, 1945 L to R Mike M. Rousonelos, Tec 5, Charles W. Johnson, TSgt, Robert G. Weaver, Pfc John P. Kaufman Jr. Cpl. Photo: Johnson.

882d FA Bn CP Hanau on/Main L to R Front Row Cecil D. Bolster, MSgt; Charles W. Johnson, TSgt Back Row Frank J. Crouse, Sgt; Hanson, H.L. Tec 4; Baird P. Bryson, Cpl. Photo: Johnson.

Wally Anton, A/882, was a Forward Observer and was also an air observer. Wally was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts for action at Spicheren Heights and for his flying mission at the Simon Mines. Wally joined the 70th at Camp Adair while receiving basic training at Camp Roberts in his native California. Wally received flight training at Ft. Sill, OK as well as flight training at Washington State College. An Army veteran of 12 years, Wally also served in Korea from 1952-1954 as a lieutenant in the 715th Transportation Truck Company. Photo: Todd Anton.

Wally Anton A/882 in front of 882 Hqs. Same location as Wayne Brannon pics. Note A/882nd insignia on sign. Photo: Todd Anton.

L to R Unknown except Charles W. Johnson, TSgt, front row on right. Photo: Johnson.

A/882nd FA Bn. Photo: Betsy Mills. See names at top of page for ID.