Photographs - Page 21

The following pages are photos, both official and personal, of all units of the 70th. Where known, unit and soldiers are identified.


We all had the tendency to call every artillery shell that was fired at us, 88's. In truth very few were 88's. These guns were placed around the town of Bebra, which was a rail center and had a large round house and other repair facilities. These went mostly untouched by the bombs, but some hit the buildings in the town. There were pieces of planes scattered around and I couldn't tell what they were, probably P47's. The 88's were radar controlled, one radar console controlled several guns. Photo: 88mm anti-aircraft artillery, Bebra, Ger. Radar controlled. Picture taken on Sept. 4, 1945. Photo: Bassak.

This one is of me in the boat that I liberated from a boathouse across the Rhine from Mainz. We used it to cruise up and down the Rhine and the Main rivers. It was taken on the Main river near it's confluence with the Rhine. The Main-Rhine canal is behind the trees in the background. It was taken during the latter part of March, 1945. Photo: Bassak.

This photo was taken on Sept 4, 1945, at Bebra. It is the remains of a real 88mm anti-aircraft artillery piece. We had been transferred to Co E 7th Inf Regt. 3rd Div. I'm on the left and the other person is Archie Smith. (Web Master Note: Archie Smith passed away in 1999. He handled the souvenir sales for the Association for many years.) Photo: Bassak.

The picture of the bridge over the Rhine, was taken on May 8, 1945 at Oppenheim, Ger. The small sign reads: "100ft. Intervals. No change of gears. No sudden change of speed." Left to right, A regular MP, Tech. Sgt. Archie Smith and Lt William Stewart. Photo: Bassak.

This picture was taken in Marseilles just a few days before we rode the box cars to the front lines. Of the seven, six were from my squad. Of those pictured, 3 were KIA and I was wounded. From left to right: Sgt. Gordon Murphy-Kentucky-KIA, Pfc Dan Contesti-Pennsylvania, Pvt Larry Richards-Louisiana-KIA, Pfc Johnny Doyle-Brooklyn, NY, S/Sgt Bill Donofrio-New York-WIA, Pvt Harold Bennett-Illinois, and S/Sgt Harold Koontz-Michigan-KIA. Photo: Donofrio.

Lt. Wayne T. Meshier, platoon leader of E/274. Lt Meshier was killed in action at Wingen on January 6th, 1945. Bill Donofrio (who was a squad leader in the Lt.'s platoon) has written, "...Meshier was a fine young man as well as a good officer." Photo: Donofrio.

Co E Officers. Left to Right, Lt Copeland, Lt. Phillips, Lt. Moore, Lt. Goode, Lt. Wells and Lt Walter Cox. The picture was taken at the company CP in the Villa Munn at Johonisburgh, Ger. in July of 1945. I have no information on Copeland and Phillips. Moore, Goode and Wells are deceased. Cox is a member of the association.....Bill Bassak. Photo: Bassak.

Allied POW #2, Limburgh Ger. Left to right: Bassak, Freeman, Fish, (?), Glick. Taken May 21, 1945. There was a huge stack of GI helmets at the gate. Most had the red keystone on them, which is the 28th ID, Pennsylvania National Guard, they were captured during the battle of the Bulge. Photo: Bassak.

The roundhouse photo was taken at Bebra and it and the rail yards were protected by the 88's. Photo: Round House at Bebra, Ger. Slight damage to the roof on the left side. Most of the locomotives inside were victims of the fighter bombers and were under repair. Photo: Bassak.

First railroad bridge over the Rhine, Mainz, Ger. The towers are the original bridge's abutments. General Patton did the ribbon cutting honors. It was built over the remains of the original bridge and it was pretty shaky. Taken on May 2, 1945. Photo: Bassak.

This is half of third squad, third platoon, Co. E, 274th. From Right to Left: John Boven-WIA, Maury Kleiman, Thomas Gillum, Bill Bassak-Squad Leader, Harry Hales-KIA, Ruben Koehler-Asst. Squad Leader, WIA. This photo was taken near CP-2 a few days after we landed. Photo: Bassak.