Photographs - Page 20

The following photos come from the engineers courtesy of Dixon, Sprinchorn, Nepote, Amo, Porter, Sortino, Stahl, Bradfield, Wenning, Pottenger, Jones, and Quinton.


From left to right: Major Matheson, CO of 270th Engineer Combat Battalion; Capt. Kermit Seigrist, Company C/270 CO; and Sgt Pete Nepote. Medal presentation, 6 were awarded. The house is the CP...bottom floor. The hole in the wall isn't anything, after you've seen. some of the places. Date and place of picture is unknown. Photo: Nepote.

From left to right: Sgt Pete Nepote and Platoon Sgts Jarczweski, Price and Derrick. Photo: Nepote.

Hitler's yacht, taken over by General Eisenhower in June 1945. Photo: Porter.

Training on the Luckimute River in Oregon, 1944. Photo: Porter.

Art Lutz and Bert Swanson on bumper...1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, A/270, on approach to Roosevelt Bridge across the Rhine River near Mainz, June 1945. Photo: Porter.

The completed Lahn River Bridge built by 270 Engineers as a training excersice shortly after the war. Photo: Porter.

Construction in progress on the Lahn River Bridge, 1945. Photo: Porter.

Note the blown out bridge. The new bridge was designed to replace it. All companies of the 270th were involved in building this bridge. The companies were rotated as part of a training program. Photo: Porter.

1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, A/270. Front Row, sitting R to L: Pete Trevino, Lloyd Porter, Mike Lancelot, Ed Evans, Charles Jehle, Bert Swanson. Back Row, standing R to L: Art Lutz, Van Hendrickson, Tom Aginaga, Ernest Wienberger, Pete Rael, James Mann. Photo: Porter.

Training on the Lukimute River in Oregon, 1944. Lloyd Porter is in the back row, 4th from right. Ernest Van Engelmann is front row, 3rd from right, holding helmet. Photo: Porter.

Night training on the Williamette River in Oregon, 1944. Photo: Porter.

2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon C/270 From left to right, front row: Blumberg, Sgt Goerndt, Sagona and Miller. L to R, middle row: Texin, McKinney, Kostelnick, Bill Rowels, Guglielmi, Pottenger, and Obtandte. L to R, back row: Lahti, O'neal, and Jack Jones. Photo: Pottenger.

Donald Quinton, 270th Engineers. Picture from Evelyn Rard.

Seated left to right: Major Joseph Sortino, Marlene Dietrich, Cpl. Beyer and Cpl. Stevens. Standing left to right: Capt. Ross Rogers, Pvt. Barna, Sgt. Brizzoloni, Sgt. Williams, Sgt. Schumaker, Pfc. Schorr (sp?). Photo courtesy of Dorothy Sortino.

The next picture was donated by Garrett Wenning, Co. Hq. Company C, 270th Engineer Combat Battalion. It was taken in June 1945, after members were transfered to the 3rd Division. One Sunday afternoon, former 270 Engineer guys got together for a photo. Mr. Wenning is second from the left, middle row. Photo: Wenning.

Pvt Don Patzer C/270. He owned the camera that was used for the next few shots. Budesheim, Germany April 16, 1945. Photo: Dixon

This is a picture of 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, Co. C, 270th Engineers, taken April 16th at Budesheim, Germany. PFC K.E. Dixon is second from left. Photo: Dixon.

1st Platoon Company C 270th Engineers, 70th Division. Hattenheim, Germany. K.E. Dixon is in the back row standing far right. Believe 1st squad is sitting, 2nd squad in middle and 3rd squad is standing in back. Photo: Dixon

Cpl KE Dixon at home...Jan 1946. Photo: Dixon

PFC K.E. Dixon, April 22, 1945, Eddersheim, Germany on the Main River. Caption on the back says "Don't I look like a rough tough Engineer." Another copy of this picture has "Caught unawares. Don't I look terrible..." Photo: Dixon.

This picture was taken on April 16th, 1945 at Budesheim, Germany. In the picture (l to r) are PFC K.E. Dixon and T/5 John Zelinski of Pennsylvania. Both served with C/270. Photo: Dixon.

No date with this picture, but probably taken with the others. From l to r: Pvt. Don Patzer, Sgt. Bartholomew and PFC K.E. Dixon. Photo: Dixon.